Unstoppable Women Leaders In Both Web3 And AI With Sandy Carter

November 8, 2023
NFT 301 | Women Leaders

If you can see it, you can be it. If you're a woman and you want to make a name for yourself in either Web3 or AI or both, there is no reason why you shouldn't do it! In this episode, we are joined by Sandy Carter of Unstoppable Domains, to tell us exactly how they help nurture unstoppable women leaders in both Web3 and AI. Join us as we delve into a world of limitless possibilities, where barriers are shattered, and glass ceilings no longer exist. Get ready to be inspired and informed as Sandy shares her insights and experiences on fostering leadership, innovation, and boundless potential among women in these transformative fields. Discover how Unstoppable Domains is championing the cause of unstoppable women, and learn how you too can be part of this extraordinary journey towards a future where your aspirations have no bounds. It's time to rewrite the narrative, and Sandy is here to show us the way. Join in!


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Unstoppable Women Leaders In Both Web3 And AI With Sandy Carter

Hello, everybody. This is Sandy Carter. I'm from Unstoppable Domains, championing Web3 domains that redefine data ownership. I am on the Edge of NFT which champions the knowledge that you need to take action on for all things Web3, enjoy.


NFT curious readers, stay tuned for this episode to learn about this year's unstoppable women leaders in both Web3 and AI, including 50 young female pioneers.

Also, Unstoppable Domains has turned up the innovation dial with an adrenaline-pumping gaming adventure with some unexpected partners.

Finally, we break down the French government's progressive stance on NFT games, not fitting the same statutes as gambling.

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This episode features a repeat guest who we're excited to bring back, Sandy Carter, who holds the dual titles of Chief Operating Officer and Head of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. Guided by a mission to bestow user-owned identity, she shapes growth and business strategy, and pioneers partnerships in the realms of Web3 and the metaverse.

Her tech lineage includes pivotal roles at AWS focusing on emerging tech like AI and blockchain leadership at IBM and founding a Silicon Valley startup. Unstoppable Domains isn't just a domain provider. It's a revolutionary force with a noble goal to bestow every individual on the planet with a user-owned digital identity. They're championing Web3 domains that redefine data ownership. These aren't just domains, they're domains with superpowers. Sandy, it's great to have you back.

It’s so great to be back here with you guys. It's always so much fun and value. Thanks for having me.

You've also been a repeat speaker at Outer Edge. We appreciate everything you're doing in this space, not only for Unstoppable Domains but also around broadening the space. We've talked about before the importance of inclusivity in Web3 and emerging tech in general. You've been a real pioneer there. You've got Unstoppable Women. We connected in Singapore about your event. You had a cool ceremony there while we were all together at TOKEN2049. I'd love to jump into that a little bit more before we get into what's going on at Unstoppable Domains, if that's okay with you.

I'd love to talk about this. I founded Unstoppable Women and I did that because I noticed there aren't as many women and diverse players as there should be in our space. I started talking to people about it and they were like, “Why don't you do something about it?” I said, “What can I do?” I started this group focused on companies coming together to change the education landscape.

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There were so many groups out there already like BFF, Black Women Blockchain, and Boss Beauties that were focused on the individual but I didn't see any group that was holding companies accountable for bringing education and more women into the space. I founded the group to focus on those companies who could help us make a difference. I was telling my CEO, “I wanted at least 20 companies to maybe 40 to join us and we're now up to 220 companies who have joined us.”

We've now trained 55,000 different women on the metaverse, digital identity, and Web3. We've done that in English, Spanish, and French, which we're excited about. One of my favorite quotes is, “If you can see it, you can be it.” For the third year in a row, we've published the Unstoppable Women of Web3 and AI. We added AI and we wanted to make sure that we honored them. The reason is that we wanted people to see all these incredible women and all this incredible stuff that they were doing for this space in the industry.

NFT 301 | Women Leaders
Women Leaders: We wanted people to see all these incredible women and all this incredible stuff that they were doing for this space in the industry.

As you've done this tally of who's leading the charge in Web3 and now, AI, how has that landscape shifted over the last few years? I hope that as an industry we're getting better at positioning women in positions of leadership and authority in this space. I'm curious about that and if there are any recipients from this year's class that are new to this space or new to the spotlight that you wanted to highlight.

The interesting thing and changes that we've seen is in the number of people applying over the last three times that we've done the award. At first, we wanted 100 and we pushed. We got 100. The next year, we had 1,000 for 100 slots. We've also had 4,000 people for 100 slots, which is phenomenal. We also wanted more companies to help sponsor us.

We had Blockchain.com which hosted our event in Singapore. We had Flipkart join us in helping us do some of the judging. That was cool because they are the Amazon of Asia and they're starting to play in Web3. I thought that was cool that not only do we have some of the typical players in Web3 joining in, but we also had some new entrants joining in as well and that made me happy.

The other thing that we noticed or that we tried hard to blend was the next generation. We've only done one list of our Top 25 Girls in Web3 and AI and we just did our second list. It was incredible. We had 55 different young girls. Josh, I would tell you that this was my favorite part. One of the young girls who won was so excited and she wanted to share with me her blockchain class for how to code a smart contract. She was six years old.

Do you remember what you were doing at six? I was not teaching a smart contracts class, I can tell you that right now. I love these young girls who have these big ambitions. From having an NFT collection to coding and smart contracts to looking at starting their business of young girl blockchain coders. It's wild to me how many different women and girls are doing so many incredible things.

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I love that you highlighted the future leaders of tomorrow in terms of this award process. That's great. At Outer Edge, we had over 100 students and future leaders come and learn about blockchain and they had so many ideas for what they could do with this skillset. It was unbelievable. As we think about, “How do we make these pipes easier for people to go down and how do we make Web3 more accessible to the masses?” It's going to be the young leaders of tomorrow that figure this out.

In fact, they get it. I was talking to them about the value of digital assets and they're like, “You don't have to tell me that. I know that. I'm on Roblox. I'm developing here.” When I go and present something to, let's say, a corporate executive, I spend half of my time explaining what is Web3, why is a digital asset valuable, and what's going to happen in the future. However, with this next generation, they get it. They understand it.

I was attending a birthday party. One of my daughter's friends had a birthday party. All that she asked for was Robux. It’s the Roblox dollars that you can use to build stuff. I was like, “I have to do a little focus group here at the birthday party.” I was asking her and she was like, “Ms. Carter, digital assets are so much more valuable. They don't take up space. I can do this.” She was doing my pitch to me. It was so funny to see that kids at this young age get it so that the next generation is going to catapult us forward in this whole space. Do you have kids?

Not yet, but I do have cousins and they are all about it. Anywhere from Roblox to even thinking about all the other massive games out there that you can buy assets in and be able to do like different dances and everything else involved. Even when I talk to them about Web3, they immediately start to understand what's going on. However, one thing that everyone can understand right now is domains, going on the website or owning some website.

One of the things that Unstoppable Domains has done is helped to redefine the landscape of blockchain tech and digital freedom through the power of domains. To shift gears, I want to just tap in real quickly into the genesis of Unstoppable Domains and also, what are the functionalities that people can connect with. There's been so much traction to Unstoppable lately.

Unstoppable Domains was founded in 2018 and it was founded with the simple premise that when we started the internet, people were typing in an IP address. You typed in 123.45 something and then all of a sudden, you could type in Amazon.com. You didn't have to type in these numbers. The founders saw the same opportunity here where people were typing in 21 alphanumeric letters and numbers to address their wallets. They're like, “We should replace that with the domain.”

Hence, Unstoppable Domains was born to replace the crypto address with something that was a human-readable element. That remains our number one use case. Richard, this should blow you away. Thirty million resolutions every week of your name to your crypto wallet. That's pretty darn cool, especially during this bear market. We're still seeing 31 million addresses being resolved to your crypto wallet.

NFT 301 | Women Leaders
Women Leaders: Unstoppable Domains was born to replace the crypto address with something that was a human readable element.

Now, we've added a lot more use cases too. You can leverage it with a decentralized wallet. You can log in. You can have your own profile like a LinkedIn for Web3. You can use it to do your taxes. I was with a game and they were using it for a gamer tag. This game was telling me how their gamers are so attached to that gaming tag. We were talking about what else we could do. You can get badges. The list goes on and on and on. Our vision of the future is that Unstoppable becomes the one-stop shop for your Web3 identity, but also for all domains, including Web2 domains. You can go to one place and own that identity across all domains.

What does that look like? If I have a GoDaddy account and I have a lot of domains over there, I'll be able to access those domains through unstoppable domains instead. Is that what you're saying?

Maybe we would be selling dot-com domains, for example, or maybe we would be looking at how you would Web3 enable that Web2 domain. One of the things that every Web3 domainer wants is the ability to take Sandy.x or Sandy.crypto and have it resolved in the Google search bar. These days, you can do it but only with an extension. What if we were able to bridge the Web2 and the Web3 world together so that you could have the benefits of the blockchain and the crypto wallet, but also the benefits of being searchable and taggable in the Web2 world? That's our vision of the future.

It was an interesting decision and move that you guys had to integrate with Ethereum Name Service. Some people would perceive them as a competitor, but strategically, you chose a different path forward in terms of how to work together. Could you talk about why you made that strategic decision and what it means for users?

One thing is we believe that Web3 is an industry in which all boats rise together. We're in a tough time right now so we don't want Web3 fighting against each other. We want to showcase the value of what we are doing on Web3 to the whole world, not this infighting. We decided to start selling on our site, .ETH but not just selling it. We started to a lot of the customers of .ETH and they told us things like, “I can't pay for it with PayPal or a credit card. I can't do auto-renewal. If I build my profile, I have to pay a lot of gas.”

We started not only releasing .ETH on our site, we wanted to make it better and better to buy .ETHs too. You now can buy .ETH with a credit card or with PayPal. You can now do auto-renewal. You can now build your profile up and so many more things. This was strategically part of our vision to be that one-stop-shop for digital identities and domains, whether they're Web2 or Web3 across the board.

In terms of that particular functionality, it's an integration of other service providers. Theoretically, you would integrate other companies and other domains in the future as well like you were saying, correct?

That is correct. We've already announced that .sats will be next. That's part of the ordinals family. We're going to be doing .sats and then we have a couple of others as well that we'll be bringing to the market. As we looked at customer behavior, I came from Amazon, so we're customer-obsessed. We're always looking at what a customer wants.

We have ten TLDs or Top Level Domains. When someone comes in and they want Sandy, they typically don't just buy Sandy.x or Sandy.NFT. They'll typically do what I call a clean sweep. What our customer said is, “When I come in, I want to also buy .ETH and .sats. I want to buy everything. I don't care where it comes from, I just want to get a clean sweep of my name. That's one of the reasons why we wanted to add this functionality as well.

Being able to bundle it all together makes it a lot easier. I like that you're working with communities that also have very high transaction standpoints as well from .ETH and tapping into the ordinal .sats. For all the NFTs that have ever been made on Ethereum, you're already seeing a large influx come in from the Satoshi and ordinal standpoint. However, on the subject of partnerships, you have several others that are going on. Two that I want to highlight are The Sandbox and Smobler, which is really cool to see how all that works together. Can you unpack the essence of those partnerships and how all of that came together?

I've been tracking down Seb throughout the world because I love The Sandbox. I don't know if you guys have looked at The Sandbox or the games and everything going on there from Paris Hilton to Gucci to incredible things from the eyes of fashion, you name it. It's a cool platform. Our users kept saying, “Let's partner with The Sandbox.” Whenever we partner, we want to create a win-win. It has to be good for us. It has to be good for the partner, and it has to be great for our users. We found that with The Sandbox.

We announced a partnership. The actual game itself that we're doing is with Smobler. Smobler is going to build an Unstoppable hub on top of The Sandbox for Unstoppable and that'll be a hub where you can go in and buy domains. You can also, as a company, link out to other templates to make it easier for you to build land flows. We also are going to release a game that has swords, shields, and all that stuff too. It's to gamify what we're doing in Unstoppable. Again, this came directly from our customers. They're like, “We want a partnership with The Sandbox.”

Being able to have some of those types of integrations is going back to the plan of how you integrate everything together. Gaming is a big piece of where people are living online, especially around the concept of having a ton of these digital assets that they're going to be wanting to send in a very easily read address that they can send places.

When you think about your typical game and the gaming assets that come within it, then applying that to blockchain and now having a quick way to be able to use it and potentially transfer it to one another, there are immediate synergies that make a ton of sense. We're very familiar with The Sandbox. I've done some cool stuff with them throughout the years. That partnership also made a ton of sense. That's going to be a fun thing for your users to go and participate in.

I can't wait and they can't wait either. We decided to go ahead and announce the partnership at TOKEN because Seb and I were on a panel together. We decided to do it there. We got a great response and now they're like, “When is it?” We're hoping to ship the game in either the fourth quarter or the first quarter. We've got two versions of it coming. We're hoping one will come out in the fourth quarter and one will come out in the first quarter as well.

Speaking of forthcoming new initiatives, in August 2023, you dropped another announcement that you guys are creating a new domain-to-domain messaging platform function, which sounds pretty cool. I'd love to understand more about where that came from in terms of the idea and what type of functionality and opportunity you think brings the world in terms of making an impact.

This is a crucial use case because if you have a domain and you're going to use it when you want to transact something. Hopefully, though, we're not buying tons of stuff every day. You want to use it for email and other things. One of the things that we use all the time is messaging. The ability to message anyone at any time based on their domain is a very powerful use case.

This came up when my discussions with Polygon. Polygons is a very strategic partner of ours. We did .polygon together, which is one of the fastest-growing extensions we've ever had. Sandeep and Sanket were like, “I want to message all of our .polygon users. Can I message all the .polygon users?” He had to use Discord, which is hard, or Telegram. You have to have multiple channels.

We embedded messaging into your profile and our site. Now, anyone can message anyone else who has Unstoppable Domains, a Coinbase wallet, or a Lens Protocol. You can message anybody. A person like Sandeep can also message all of his partner community. He can message all of the .polygon holders. If you have a badge that's a sub-community, let's say it's all the people who race cars in the metaverse and you have that badge, you can message them. It enables you to segment and target as well.

This is live already, to clarify.

The person-to-person and one-to-many or business-to-user, both of those are live.

What does the user experience look like? If Sandeep wants to send a message to everyone with the .polygon extension, how will that s look on the user side of things?

Again, we have 3.9 million domains so you can message any of those. Anybody who has a Coinbase wallet or anybody who has a Lens Protocol. You can now message so many people in the world and sort through them in segments by your badges.

On the user side, they have to be on their domain page on the web to see those messages, right?

They could also be on the Unstoppable page. They have to be on one or the other. They either have to be on their Unstoppable user domain page or be on the Unstoppable page overall.

Are there any thoughts later in terms of giving people paying via email or their preferred communication method to say, “You have some messages? Check it out.”

Absolutely. Josh, you could be on our product team.

I knew that wasn't a stretch in terms of the next step with how you guys are evolving.

That’s right. We see such usage with messaging. Again, we do feel like it's one of the killer apps to come. Maybe not as big as ChatGPT, but we do think it will be a big step forward for Web3 to find that use case.

Thank you for spending the time showing us that messaging piece. I want to go check that out a little bit more too because there are so many places to tap into the people in Web3 and this is a cool way to go and do that. Another thing that I want to dive into, which going to Webacy's Safety Score. Security is a very big thing, especially as it revolves around people, their wallets, and their assets. What are some of the ways that you all are being conscious and forward-thinking around security?

We did a partnership with Webacy to place it on that profile page. I have my web score here. This is my digital identity. My Webacy score tells me I'm the safest in my wallet. With Webacy, we wanted to be able to show a person how safe interacting with that wallet was. The Webacy Score looks at smart contracts and how much you've had scams in the past. It has a whole set of criteria that it looks at to give you that safety score. The three levels of scoring that they use are safest, safe, and then you need to do some work on your wallet right away.

We thought that it would be a great first step to help our users with the safety. In addition, Webacy also gave any Unstoppable Domains user three months free of their Webacy Pro, which enables you to go in there. If your score isn't where it should be, it enables you to go in there and analyze it. For example, when I first went in, my score was low. Someone had gone into my wallet and stolen my favorite Lazy Lion. I got a white hat from Lazy Lion. They helped me to get it back but because of that back and forth, I didn't have a positive score.

They taught me what I needed to do to fix that in my wallet. It was awesome. Not only did they give you the score, but with the pro version, you get to figure out how you can improve your score too. The next thing that we're doing is integrating that into our login. You can take Sandy.nft and log into an application. Wouldn't it be great for that application to know as I'm coming in that my wallet is the safest wallet, my wallet is safe, or my wallet's not safe?

Maybe someone coming into my app who doesn't have a safe wallet, do I want to block them? Do I want to warn them? What do I want to do or warn others? That's our next view. We view safety and security as being a huge and important job. Web3 gets a bad reputation for all the scams and things out there and we felt like this was one small way to help in that whole turn the industry around perspective with this partnership with Webacy.

It makes a lot of sense in terms of an opportunity to bring awareness to such an important thing as safety in our climate. I love what you're doing Sandy. There is so much innovation. You guys are moving fast and furiously. What does the roadmap look like? Are there any exciting partnerships on the horizon? What are you looking at in terms of 2024?

If I shared future partnerships, I might have to wear orange and I don't look good in orange. We do have some nice partnerships coming up in the November and December 2023 timeframe. I'm not at will to share those right now, but watch the news because we will have some great ones. We're constantly integrating. Right now we have over 1,000 partners, which is pretty cool, Josh and Richard, because when I came in less than a few years ago, we had 41 and we now have over 1,000 partnerships.

Those 1,000 partnerships add value to each and every user so we're pretty excited about that. Our roadmap is so exciting. You're going to see us bring to life that one-stop shop. Watch this space because you'll be seeing announcements rolling out this year as we go forward that support the mission of that one-stop shop.

NFT 301 | Women Leaders
Women Leaders: The roadmap for Unstoppable Domains is so exciting. You're going to see us really bring to life that one-stop shop.

What about AI? You mentioned off-camera that the AI domains have been snatched up furiously. What's your perspective on AI and how that fits into your vision of Unstoppable Domains?

I would say two things. It was interesting. I worked on AI as early as 2015 and when I tell people that, they're like, “What? AI wasn't even around in 2015.” I'm like, “No. I was working on IBM Watson. We were playing Jeopardy games and that stuff with AI.” Everybody says AI wasn't an overnight success. It was like a ten-year overnight success. AI has a lot of potential. It's not brand new. I believe that AI will catapult the work that we're doing in blockchain forward.

NFT 301 | Women Leaders
Women Leaders: AI will catapult the work that we're doing in the blockchain.

If you think about it, I just keynoted at the CEO Conference in San Francisco. The number one concern that CEOs have about AI is how do I identify a deep fake or what if someone starts copying me or my voice? What do I do? That's the perfect use case for blockchain. It’s to be able to credential and verify where things are coming from. AI is going to catapult the use of blockchain and I see this convergence of AI, blockchain, and spatial or metaverse coming together quickly. People are focused on the shiny object but I think soon, those will come together and you'll see the power of all three of those technologies working together.

We're excited. We see some complimentary components to those technologies, but also, some areas where they don't mix. I think that's okay too. The convergence doesn't mean everything's converging in one melting pot. It means a more general utility of utilizing these different technologies together when it makes a practical use case comes up but not forcing it either. That's important.

I agree. If you think about education, I was with a group of educators. Imagine a world where there is AI, metaverse, and blockchain. You can imagine an AI personalized education program for students. This is the number one complaint I hear. “I've got 40 students. They're all at different levels. How do I teach them correctly?” Now, AI can help you do that.

Also, with the use of the metaverse, you can go in there and just talk about it. You go. My daughter just went to Mars in the metaverse. How cool is that? She was so excited because she got to go to Mars. When you get that diploma, you can have a Soulbound Token on the blockchain sitting in that domain that says you graduated, you took that class, or you went to Mars.

A funny story, Josh and Richard. I was with LinkedIn and they told me that 34% of what's listed on LinkedIn is incorrect. When I met with them, the first thing they saw was I went to Harvard Business School. They were like, “Did you go to Harvard?” I'm like, “Yes. Why do you ask?” They said that 34% of people put stuff on their LinkedIn resume that never happened.

There's no credentialing or verification that can prove that you did it or didn't do it so you can put whatever you want on there. However, now with the blockchain, you can prove I went to Harvard, I took this class, or I did something. That's one example in education. I've got them for healthcare, for financial services, you name it. These three technologies working together can make our lives and the future of work so much better.

I had the opportunity to go to TED AI in San Fran and got to list a lot of industry leaders and a lot was being proposed from a data standpoint for all the things that you addressed. Blockchain is an immediate solution. I do think there are a lot of synergies that will come together to do that even from the education piece. I met a startup that's working on exactly that. That part was cool.

There are so many different use cases for that. I'm glad you're being forward-thinking. For all those reading right now, a takeaway from the AI piece is to figure out how you can utilize it. Don't necessarily see it as a huge threat, but figure out how you can start utilizing it within your own business because it's here. The more people who can figure out how to use it now are going to be further ahead than those who refused to try to get on with what's coming in AI.

Richard, I would say as a startup, as you use AI, it helps you to punch above your weight. Now, you have all these things at your fingertips. You may not have a 30-person marketing team, but now you've got ChatGPT and others that can help you. Regardless of what type of business you are, AI can help you level up or punch above your weight class.

With AI, regardless what type of business you are, you can punch above your weight class. Click To Tweet

This was a great deep dive and long overdue on what's going on with Unstoppable Domains. We appreciate these updates. We have some time to cover some hot topics if you guys are down.

Let's do it.

The first one is interesting. I don't know if you all had a chance to catch the latest news, but the French National Assembly Voted the NFT Games Are Not to Be Considered Gambling. The French National Assembly passed the so-called Sorare law, including the first dedicated regulatory framework for video games tapping NFTs and crypto-powered monetization schemes. It was voted for as part of a broader digital space regulation in the French National Assembly involving 561 members who cast their votes.

Essentially, the text seeks to balance fostering innovation among French startups and ensuring user protection. For the first time in legal terms, this legislation paves the way for potential new regulations specifically tailored to crypto games distinct from gambling and traditional video games. Sandy, did you have a chance to catch this news?

I just skimmed it, but it's awesome. There are so many possibilities here with gaming. You guys may or may not know, but I started a female gaming group a few years ago. We had 1 million female gamers in our group at that time. This is awesome.

Making regulations around not trying to take away from games in the future that's there. If anything, if they had passed, it's going to keep away really big enterprise opportunities in gaming that already exist and are going to continue to be built in this space. I also think that it shows that other countries who are considering doing this type of regulation should reconsider why they would want to consider gaming gambling. If you haven't done it for traditional gaming, why does that necessarily need to apply to Web3? The ruling is very positive.

Hopefully, this is a precedent that crosses borders. It's probably a big sigh of relief for Web3 NFT gaming companies based in France that would have faced a lot of heavier tax burdens and regulatory complexities. Kudos to France for leading the charge by looking at some cutting-edge technology through a lens that encourages innovation as opposed to discouraging innovation. I'm excited to see that verdict.

The Sandbox is based there in France. Maybe they had a big influence there too.

It’s a good point. It wouldn't be surprising. Another news, “The Norman Rockwell Museum and the Norman Rockwell Family jointly announced Wednesday the launch of an NFT-backed, multi-part series that will offer collectors the opportunity to own several digital and physical works by the late artist including a number of never-before-published images and process works from the Norman Rockwell archives.”

This is pretty cool. I have to say there are some big fans of Norman Rockwell in my family. A late aunt used to paint some Norman Rockwell-type collections, inspired by his work. She tried to make sure that his legacy passed on in some of her paintings. It's a great indication that the fine art world is still looking at digital collectibles in a creative way, even in this long bear market.

I agree. I have to say when I was young, my parents took me to the Norman Rockwell Museum and I was struck. His paintings are so real, but they're of everyday life. That's cool that they're going to take those images of the past everyday life and turn them into NFTs so that future generations can see what that life looks like. That's a novel approach. It makes me think about Hot Wheels.

If you think about Hot Wheels and the NFT collectibles that they're doing, I know a lot of people think that kids are buying those, but it's the past generation who grew up with Hot Wheels and who love Hot Wheels who are buying those NFT collectibles. The same thing will happen here. The past generation who loved Norman Rockwell will end up with these collectibles as well. It may be another way to get all the generations working together around these digital assets.

You bring up a good point about the generations that get targeted and looked at. To your last point, there are a lot of Millennials right now whose childhood drinks are becoming more boozy drinks because it's fallen trends of nostalgia and other stuff like that. In the same way, it crosses trends from collectibles and other places where you're going to start seeing more and more of things from the early ‘90s and 2000s that resurface. Whether it's from an artistic standpoint or a product standpoint, we are now trying to find more ways to get in front of new consumers who now want to own these pieces of history. I thought that was a cool point.

This collection was powered by IconicMoments.co. I wasn't familiar with them, but I've done a little bit of searching. Historically, they've been around for years. They partnered with the White House Historical Association as well as the Women's Suffrage National Monument Foundation. Kudos to them for doing another historical project featuring a very special artist who has a long legacy in terms of Americana and beyond. It’s very cool.

This was fun. I would love to wrap up, Sandy, with a little new section that we didn't have on the show when you were on previously called the shout-out, where we give you a chance to highlight someone in your world who has been doing cool stuff that maybe hasn't gotten enough of the spotlight. I was wondering if anyone comes to mind that you'd like to shout out to.

One of the people who is just to an exceptional job and is also one of our Top 100 Most Inspirational Women is Christina B. from Aave. She leads their business development group. She's been doing some fabulous things with Aave and their profiles, which I think are going to continue to grow and grow. You noticed in our messaging, we talked about ensuring that we supported the Aave profiles as well. Christina, if you're out there and you hear me, you are doing an exceptional job. Thank you so much for all that you're doing for the world of Web3.

Sandy, to recap for folks, where can people go to learn more about you and Unstoppable Domains?

On Twitter, we're @UnstoppableWeb. It’s not domains because that's someone else. Our website though is UnstoppableDomains.com if you want to go and check out getting your Web3 digital identity. My Twitter handle is @Sandy_Carter or you can reach me on any social platform. I’m Sandy Carter on LinkedIn or @Sandy_CarterFounder on Instagram. Reach out with any questions or comments or anything. I'd love to hear from you.

We're going to do a cool giveaway. We've talked about some of the rare domains being swept up on Unstoppable Domains, but there's one that's available that you've graciously offered to our readers and friends. Thanks so much. Maybe you can reveal what that domain name is now.

It's Wellness.NFT and the reason that we, Josh, Richard, and I decided to do wellness is in honor of the mental health month. There are so many people right now who are burned out or burning out and this is a marathon, not a sprint. Everybody needs to take care of their wellness. This will be a hot one as Web3 continues to grow. Congrats to whoever gets that one or whoever wins it. What do they need to do to get that, Josh? What are they going to be looking at?

We'll put out the details on social, but they'll want to follow you all and us and share the show with their friends and then also find it on YouTube and share and like that episode. Hopefully, we'll get the word out about all this great conversation we're having and this is a big score for whoever gets it. Thanks, Sandy. I appreciate that.

Only the best for your readers, right?

Right on. We appreciate that.


We have reached the outer limit at the Edge of NFT for this episode. Thanks for exploring with us. We've got space for more ventures on the Starship, so invite your friends or recruit some cool strangers. They'll make this journey much better. Go to Spotify or iTunes right now, rate us, and say something awesome. Go to EdgeOFNFT.com to dive further down the rabbit hole. Look us up on all major socials by typing @EdgeofNFT and start a fun conversation with us online. Lastly, be sure to tune in next time for more great NFT content. Thanks again for sharing this time with us and thanks, Sandy for joining us.

It’s my pleasure. Thank you guys.

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