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August 5, 2021

Hello explorer at the Edge of NFT and many other things, put down that dish you’re washing, take a quick pause in your run, grab your phone off the dashboard and pull over. Go to edgeofnft.com/superworld. Here’s why…

As an Edge of NFT listener, you’re not just a spectator but someone who wants to dive in and co-create new exciting worlds together with trailblazing leaders like our guests. And the latest greatest opportunity to do so that you need to know about is in Superworld.

What is Super World

SuperWorld is an augmented reality virtual world consisting of more than 64 billion virtual land plots mapped geographically to the actual surface of our beautiful home planet earth.

As we speak, bold new pioneers are literally breaking digital ground, snatching up 100m by 100m plots of virtual NFT backed land—land which entitles them to a share of all revenues generated on their SuperWorld plots. This means that as Superworld grows in population and activity you as a virtual landowner can actually earn a share of all advertising, gaming, commerce, analytics, and data associated with your plot. Now that’s pretty awesome.



If you want to join us in owning a part of this special new world join us in Superworld as a member of the Edge of NFT family. We are so very excited to welcome you! That’s why when you use this link to visit Superwold and purchase a plot, every fifth person to join us using this link will receive some really cool SuperWorld swag compliments of SuperWorld and Edge of NFT.

So get started, support the show, and show your enthusiastic appreciation for Superworld, our ground-breaking sponsor.

Superworld is a platform that allows virtual landowners to create the environment they have always envisioned. Read on to find out how to dive in and co-create new exciting worlds together with a trailblazing innovator in the virtual world.

How Does Super World Work

The SuperWorld platform differs from previous virtual worlds in that it was built by digitally mapping the surface of Planet Earth, which was then divided into 64. 8 billion unique plots of land, each measuring 100m x 100m of real-world area.

SuperWorld adheres to the ERC-721 standard for tradable assets. ERC-721 tokens are distinguished by their digital scarcity as collectibles—an entirely separate asset to buy, sell, trade, or retain. When you purchase a piece of SuperWorld virtual real estate, you are acquiring a one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable piece of the Ethereum blockchain, as well as the monetization options accessible on your virtual property.

SuperWorld allows users to personalize and curate any part of the globe using art, music, video, 3D, animation, design, text, and other media via augmented reality. Using a mobile device or headgear, any SuperWorld user may see, create, and install permanent AR in geo-pinned places throughout the world, which can subsequently be shared with followers.

SuperWorld’s primary mission is to build a better, more creative world, and a shift toward greater sustainability within their economic strategy. The SuperWorld team is involved in various partnerships within the deep technology sector that reinforces a heightened and united commitment to the climate. Superworld commits to guiding users to explore, create, and discover AR content that not only entertains, but educates, and catalyzes global efforts to combat climate change, hunger, poverty, and inequality. For a deeper look at SupwerWorld check out the Edge of NFT video of SuperWorld demo with CEO, Hrish Lotlikar and SuperWorld advisor, Mariana Danilovic on how to buy virtual real estate mapped onto the real world.

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The Team Behind Super World

While artists and AR aficionados are free to install artistic, informative, or amusing projects in augmented reality anywhere on Earth, the SuperWorld Virtual Real Estate Platform, like physical real estate, can fluctuate based on on-site activities and market demand.



When you join SuperWorld you join a project backed by and developed by some of the sharpest individuals and organizations in tech, entertainment, and beyond. The SuperWord company is backed by DraperGorenHolm, Outlier Ventures, White Paper Capital, SOSV and is also part of the Capital Factory accelerator. Other notable investors and advisors include Bob Metcalfe (founder of ethernet & Metcalfe’s Law), Stephen Wolfram (Mathematica/Wolfram Alpha), Phil Rowley (Head of Futures at Omnicom Group), Nitin Gaur (Head of Digital Assets at IBM), Richard Ling (Rembrandt Ventures), Bob Fabbio (Tivoli Systems), Robert Scoble, Mariana Danilovic (Infiom), Tobias Ratschiller (CryptoCoinNews), William Burns (Andromeda Media Group) and Brian Thorp (Wealthender, former Head of Platforms Invesco).

The company’s founders have solid early-stage experience in both immersive entertainment and gaming. CEO Hrish Lotlikar co-founded Rogue Initiative Studios, an entertainment venture with director Michael Bay, founded the Eastlabs seed fund in Kyiv, and was the first BD employee at Toptal (a16z, Adam D’Angelo, Adam Rockefeller). CTO Max Woon is a co-founder of Xfire (Viacom acquired in ’12), Storytime Studios, and Toonstar.

Join us now in owning a part of this special new world. Visit our referral link now (https://map.superworldapp.com?ref=edgeofnft) and become a member of the Edge of NFT family. Every fifth person to join using the link will receive some really cool SuperWorld swag compliments of Superworld and Edge of NFT. We are excited to welcome you. Get started today and co-create the future along with us!

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