Strawberry, JR & Em/Link Of 0N1 Force - From Free Pizza DAOs To Sold Out Side Profile Pics & Comics, Plus: Scottie and Chilly Of The Dope-1 Alpha's NFT Project, And More...

||0N1 Force: A really good idea and concept artwork can really draw you in. That immediately created a conversation around the narrative and slowly but surely the team all came together.|0N1 Force: In this world, the emperor suddenly passes away. No one knows why or what happened. But, everyone feels a shift in frequency. This would result in there being only 7,777 hours remaining in this world.|0N1 Force: NFT's best route to success is to value the voice of your community. To carry the message, not only for you but the projects that you are involved with.|0N1 Force: There weren't many female-oriented projects at the time of release. IMCMPLX really wanted to make sure that these characters had an androgynous look and feel to them. Male or female, it doesn't matter.|0N1 Force: Make sure you have a test group to talk about your projects. Get some pointers on anything, because the more eyes you have in your project, the better.|0N1 Force: NFTs are quite emotional in a lot of ways. They can tie into your personal life. People have shifted from this perception of physical materialism to digital existence.|0N1 Force: Some of the ideas come from the Dope 1 community. A lot of these guys come from around the world like Russia and Eastern Europe. The team is truly a global community right now.||
October 24, 2021


Life in the Ethereal Enclave was infinite and peaceful until one fateful day the benevolent Emperor died. His citizens themselves were left with their own deaths imminent in just 7,777 hours. Find out more about the intriguing story of the 0N1verse, 0N1 Force, and how it’s changing the NFT space. Join your hosts Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger as they talk to some of the incredible folks behind 0N1 Force. Listen to STRAWBERRY, JR, and EM/LINK on where the concept and narrative came from. Learn how Gorillaz inspired the artwork. Discover how important community is to NFTs. Find out how essential world-building is to 0N1 Force. Discover their thoughts on how NFTs are seeping into your personal life. Also, stay till the end to listen to Scotty and Just Chilly go deep the recent Dope-1 drop.

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Strawberry, JR & Em/Link Of 0N1 Force – From Free Pizza DAOs To Sold Out Side Profile Pics & Comics, Plus: Scottie and Chilly Of The Dope-1 Alpha’s NFT Project, And More…

All you NFT curious readers, check out this episode to learn about the ins and outs of 0n1 Force, where it came from and where it’s going next.

How do the 0n1 founders build a community on top of community, on top of community?

How Dope-1 is turning killer design, hip hop influencers and community-driven ethos into one of the most promising young projects in the NFT space? All of this and more in this episode. Enjoy.

This episode features STRAWBERRY, co-CEO, JR, CMO and EM, Head of Community Relations of 0n1 Force. 0n1 Force is an NFT project of 7,777 unique generative side profile characters with over 100 hand-drawn features. Each 0n1 Force NFT grants owners access to a slew of perks, including the high-end resolution artwork and a one-of-a-kind experience within the 20,000-member Discord community. This project is now a leader in the NFT art industry with 100 million in launch trade volume in the first week now totaling 135 million, which sold out in minutes, including celebrity holders such as Steve Aoki, Logan Paul and Snoop Dogg and made the project the Number 13 ranking NFT of all time. Welcome to the show, folks. I’m excited to have you. It’s going to be fun.

We’re definitely excited to be here.

We’ve interviewed all sorts of leaders in this space. I have to say I’ve been so excited for this episode. I’m a bit of a fanboy here. Some of us met, I don’t know, EM, if you’re at that party in Venice that got shut down. Even though we were quite civil, I’ll tell a quick story. Basically, Gabe Wise was auctioning off some art and it kept going up in value. I was like, “Who’s this high bidder?” It’s JR. I’m supporting the community. It was legendary at that moment to meet you guys. It’s amazing to have you on the show. I know you guys have been cooking up a lot of amazing stuff. Thanks for coming on.

It’s great to have you guys.

I appreciate you. Josh, it was awesome meeting you. I don’t want to seem like this golden boy for doing that. I’ll look at that as an investment. If you asked me, a Gabe Wise piece for three Eth one-on-one is a steal. It was definitely a fun time. I appreciate it. It was nice meeting you.

I’ve heard glimpses and pieces of the story. I want to hear the whole story of how this amazing project took off like wildfire. Where did the concept begin? How did the team come together?

The whole concept, funny enough, came from me scrolling through my phone when I was listening to some music. The Gorillaz came on, which I am a fan of their music. They’re all works from Jamie Hewlett. I was like, “It’d be awesome if we’ve never seen a side profile view of the project yet. That’d be a great idea.” I tried my hand at it and it didn’t come out looking the way I wanted it to. It was very serendipitous.

I’d say minutes later, I’m scrolling down my Instagram feed and I see IMCMPLX at work and it’s a lot of side profile views. I was like, “This is perfect.” I sent him a message on Instagram and I said, “IMCMPLX, I know we met a few times in Clubhouse. We didn’t have a personal conversation. I have a brilliant idea. I want to throw it at you. Let me see what you think.”

She came back at me the next day with two concepts and was like, “I can’t stop drawing.” He’s like, “We need to do this. I’m on board. Let’s get it done.” I was like, “Yes. All right, now, how else can we piece this together?” I met STRAWBERRY in Venice as well. STRAWBERRY has literally been a pillar in this community since day one, constantly leading these NFT groups in Clubhouse. Everyone loves STRAWBERRY, bottom line. He’s always happy and supporting everyone.

NFT 57 | 0N1 Force

0N1 Force: A really good idea and concept artwork can really draw you in. That immediately created a conversation around the narrative and slowly but surely the team all came together.


I was like, “STRAWBERRY, I have this idea. What do you think?” STRAWBERRY is like, “Let’s do it.” He’s like, “I got CRYPTOSPACES.” We were thinking of, “Who can we bring in this team to help build the community?” IMCMPLX was like, “I got the perfect human for you.” That’s where we brought on LINK. It was scary how perfectly things fit into place like puzzle pieces. We formed together this beautiful team. I’ll let STRAWBERRY talk about it. I had the idea of the artwork that I wanted to take a slight direction and then STRAWBERRY and LINK drove the narrative behind it. STRAWBERRY, if you want to talk about the storyline a little bit.

After JR had approached us, myself, CRYPTOSPACES, who had worked previously on a project together, STRAWBERRY.WTF, we finally had all met and had some discussions. I almost immediately jumped into my web designer and started building a website for the project. My imagination effectively spiraled out as IMCMPLX showed off a little bit of the concept artwork that he had put together. I had been previously approached by a few other NFT projects.

However, they did not have concept artwork to draw me in as quickly as IMCMPLX had done. That immediately created a conversation around the narrative where CRYPTOSPACES and I started having a conversation. I and EM started having a conversation. Slowly but surely, the team all came together and decided on a few little breadcrumbs that we would help drive the narrative forward.

That would be in tying the amount of NFTs that we had, where we were wanted to create 7,777 into the narrative itself, which we have said that, effectively in this world, the ethereal enclave, suddenly the emperor passes away. We’re not sure why or what happened. However, when that does, everyone feels a change. They feel a shift in frequency and we specifically call that the shift.

As a result, we’ve said that there are 7,777 hours remaining in this world. We’re not sure what happened at that time but we presented this idea and concept to the community. As a result, they grabbed on so hard that there is literally a novel written in the Discord around their ideas, characters and the few glimpses into this world that we originally gave them. As we’ve moved forward, that narrative has become somewhat of the forefront where we find a lot of success in our project.

There was so much momentum out of the gate even prior to launch. The intersection of community and story that drove mass adoption, for lack of a better phrase here. How do you maintain that from this point forward?

It’s certainly one of the most challenging things of this project. While we have been wildly successful, we certainly did not know how successful this would become. Due to JR’s marketing efforts, as well as the narrative-driven in the Discord, which tied again into our pre-sell, by creating this mechanism called the Nameless, those who engaged in the Discord helped the community and pushed the project forward were given access to the whitelist.

Moving forward, we’ve been in touch with a number of different companies, brands and people in the space. We are looking to tie those into the universe, real-world and Web 3 space. We’re truly trying to build a brand that encompasses the globe and gets everyone excited about NFTs as well as the brand itself. That’s our focus, as well as completing the roadmap activations. We have merged coming soon. We have Metaverse plans where we purchased our first plot and Cryptovoxels and airdropped users more or less as a side quest.

Some 0n1 Force ones designed by Uaji. We also have a couple of other Cryptovoxels things coming as exciting little additions to the project. That’s not limited to our Metaverse plans. We hope to expand that quite further. Most importantly, I think the comic is probably the most exciting part about this project, especially for me, where we get to see the world truly get built out. This comic will be a token that’s available to holders of 0n1 Force. CROMAGNUS is our artist on that. He is absolutely amazing and has tons of experience in the industry. We’ve now tied in another member of the NFT community and comic community, Josh Blaylock and he will be advising on putting the comic together in an outstanding way.

Additionally, we interact with our community every day. I take the time to make sure I go in, say hello to everyone, answer questions, concerns. We truly value critique. We truly value the voice of our community. With that said, that is, what I believe, NFT’s best route to success. It’s the voice of the community and carrying the message of not only 0n1 Force but the projects that you are involved with. These are certainly some of the biggest successes I’ve seen in space and where we hope to drive forward 0n1 Force.

Shout out to JR at that point. There was this moment in your community forum, which I joined in Discord, where someone asked about why they couldn’t get more of those sexy shoes for all of their 0n1s. I think, JR, you are very direct in communicating but you did acknowledge them with some empathy about their perspective. It realized how many micro thoughtful decisions are required after the drop to maintain that momentum.

What’s beautiful about our team is that we all have our paths now and we know which direction to go. My community per se is on Twitter. I run Twitter 24/7. It got to a point where before the launch, people thought that there was a Twitter bot and it was the screenshot of it and sent it to my team in the chat. It was like the headquarters. They think that there’s someone liking there and automatically answering their comments.

I’m like, “No, I literally did not sleep. I didn’t do anything. All I did before pre-job was on Twitter 24/7. This needs to be successful.” That’s why I want to pass the mic to LINK. I get as equally part of the reason as to why this project has been so successful is because of the lore and the community that she’s been able to build inside there. It’s incredible. LINK, do you want to talk about how you’ve been building community inside of Discord?

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Thanks, JR. To be fair, I was a newb at Discord. Once we gather everyone, I am completely a people person when I want to be. That was of utmost importance, like connecting with humans and individuals and having conversations and getting to know them. All of us, as the Avengers as JR likes to call us, gathered and STRAWBERRY had pointed out. He was like, “If you build this out a Discord, you’re going to need to figure it out fast.” I was like, “Okay.” Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I spent countless nights researching everything that I could about Discord. I had no idea what I was doing. I built the Discord out by pure will.

I was like, “We need this.” I began to focus on what the aesthetics were for IMCMPLX’s artwork. That was a lot of nostalgia for me. I absolutely am Weave. I’m Weave at Heart, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda. I’m a gamer. Those were the things that I wanted to play on in the Discord. I slowly was like, “Can we add like a Pokéworld bot in here and have people come in and capture Pokémon? Can we have some radio that plays lo-fi music?” I think creators and artists enjoy for me personally because I can speak from experience. I sometimes don’t have the bandwidth to listen to music that has words. It’s incredibly distracting as someone that’s neurodiverse. I need lo-fi.

Shout out to one of our friends, Will Henshall, who has a whole mobile app dedicated to music.

It’s called Focus@Will. It’s a monthly subscription. It’s all based on neuroscience research and got different styles of music. There’s different concentration and focus types. They got prerecorded loops. It’s not a mix on YouTube. They’re literally music designed to help you focus and concentrate.

I needed that. I was like, “If other people are attracted to this type of artwork for a reason, I feel like maybe people resonate with that.” I put up a 24/7 plot that played lo-fi music that I had to go in and keep checking. To hear from other people from other Discords be like, “So-and-so Discord did this. So-and-so Discord also has a 24/7 bot.” I didn’t realize that innately it kept people in our Discord. We were talking about it, “Can you play Pokémon lo-fi? Can you play Demon Slayer lo-fi?” It hit.

I think that was what I played up to was the nostalgia that everyone was relating to, IMCMPLX’s artwork and building everything out. I think we connected on everything else that those individuals were like, “This reminds me of this game that I used to play as a kid.” I related and connected with everyone that came in on that. Here we are.

Next question, we’ve alluded to ways you’re going above and beyond. I want to ask very specifically how the project goes beyond being a simple work of visual art-making and creating this story that includes people’s emotions.

IMCMPLX, for those that are reading, is our artist at 0n1 Force. When we sat down and I had a chance to almost hear his origin, this project in particular, when the topic came up, he had basically disclosed that he feels that the crypto scene is, in essence somewhat slightly cynical. I think it can tend to have a very cold tone. With NFT projects or NFT PFP projects coming out, it was a place where a lot of projects were popping up out of nowhere.

Maybe some of them didn’t have the emotional aspect of airing at least some life. He wanted to approach this project in that way. He wanted to give these characters emotion, give them feeling, a sense of some type of life that our community could not only see as a piece of artwork but have some relation to it. People come into our Discord and they’re like, “I got one that feels like me. I got one that I connect with.”

I think that’s the most beautiful thing because we have so many assets that play to our individual demographics. We have 0n1s that have hearing aids. We have 0n1s that are looking a little elusive. To me, that made it a warmer approach to a project that at least had some play on people’s emotions. When you get that type of connection, rather than having something that’s like, “Here are all the assets. This is what they look like.” It can tend to seem dry. He did well with that.

They’re talking about the Genie’s Project. It initially didn’t start on the blockchain but then it evolved. Their goal is to be that avatar for folks in any environment within the Metaverse. We’re talking about something here that’s similar in a lot of regards but also different in that there’s this rich backstory that’s already been established here. These connections that happen that you’re describing are happening around something much greater than even the individual piece that they hold. There’s this connection to the collective story and the other holders and characters. Something interesting is happening there. They’re not a lot of projects that have tapped into that yet in a meaningful way. It’s very cool to hear.

One thing too, was that there weren’t many female-oriented projects at the time of release. One thing that IMCMPLX wanted to hit with these characters is to make sure that they had a dodginess look and feel to them where it could be male, female. It doesn’t matter. A lot of these character traits weave in between one another. One thing that we did prior to launch is we called together some of the brightest minds in the NFT space, about fifteen individuals that myself, STRAWBERRY, LINK and a few others trust and think could add a lot of value to the project. What was meant to be an hour-long conversation of us telling them about the project, a focus group per se, turned into about a three-hour-long discussion where we’ve garnered so much valuable information.

NFT 57 | 0N1 Force

0N1 Force: In this world, the emperor suddenly passes away. No one knows why or what happened. But, everyone feels a shift in frequency. This would result in there being only 7,777 hours remaining in this world.


LINK mentioned liking the idea of the hearing aid. That came from a member of Hope Board, who was a huge member of the NFT community. We got a lot of valuable feedback. We even had a trait where we’re like, “Should we put this up there? Should we not?” I’d say about 80% of them were like, “Do not use that trait. That won’t go over well.” We’re like, “We won’t use that trait.”

I think this is something valid information to any project that’s coming out now. Make sure you have a “test group” before talking about your projects. Get some pointers on whatever, maybe because the more eyes you have in a project, the better. We had this focus ton of vision very much almost and it was great to step back out. Before going to the masses, hearing what everyone else had to say about it too. Some advice for any new projects that may be starting. I think you had something to add as well prior.

I wanted to tie into the emotional aspect of all of this. NFTs, for me, personally, are quite emotional in a lot of ways. My profile picture is my forever 0n1. I’m very much attached to this. I love it. Emotionally, it inspires me to want to create more. In fact, I’ve created a little bit of a backstory for the character. It ties itself into my personal life where we do see a lot of people, especially in social media and the NFT space, changing their profile pictures, becoming cats, apes, 0n1, these things.

This ties directly into our story where we have this concept of the shift and that is simply a change in the frequency and the world. I tie this directly into the NFT space in a way that we in ourselves, have shifted from this perception of physical materialism to digital existence. I very much aligned with my 0n1 in a real way. It is attached to my digital persona and these all tie into me as a being.

One of the founders of LUKSO created a term or set of terms we had not heard before, dematerialism, which I thought was interesting. LUKSO has a project called DEMATERIALISED. They definitely were thinking dematerial as well. Is that an accurate description for the emotional component you’re talking about, STRAWBERRY? Are we talking about a dematerial world?

I may not necessarily say dematerialize. While that is a good concept on the outward side, I’ve been thinking this, that Gary Vee had said something along the lines of, “Your digital self is far more in the forefront of the public than your personal life.” You don’t know what I own in my home. However, you can very easily go to my Ethereum wallet and see which NFTs I align with. That could give you some personal insight into me. However, you wouldn’t know what my home life is like because I simply do not share that online. However, I’m willing to share my ape in a suit for Christie’s or participate in Metaverse activities and things like that, utilizing my digital form.

The Christie’s thing in itself, I’m not sure if you were familiar but the apes were suiting up for Christie’s. People were changing their costumes to wear suits. We additionally did that for 0n1 members as well to support the Bored Ape Yacht Club on their way to Christie’s. This ties into that shift where the entire community had a tremendous amount of fun throughout two days, putting on suits, interacting on Twitter, whereas in real life, I’m hard-pressed to put on a suit. Luckily, Ethan here has done the job for us. I was having a blast putting a suit on my ape, 0n1 and sharing that on Twitter and interacting with everyone. That was a lot of fun. I can see that concept expanding a ton, especially if Twitter verifies NFTs. There are so many fun future things.

The question is, is Ethan going to wear a suit at the big party at NFT NYC that you guys are having?

If we can expense my dry-cleaning bills, I think that we could go for that.

Another example of community building, you guys have this cool party planned with our friends at Frogland, Ethereals, who also came on the show, if I’m not mistaken.

That’s going to be exciting. That’s on November 1st, 2021, at the Atrium, which is a beautiful venue. It has two separate parts to it. It has this giant warehouse. It has a giant mansion aspect that you can take some cool photos of. You need to have either a Frogland NFT, Ethereal or an 0n1 to enter. We have music performances playing. We have “0n1 Kai 2” coming, a huge member of our team, who will be deejaying as well. It’s going to be a fun event. I want to give a huge shout-out to Cas and Dina, who have been at the forefront of putting this together. They have been under a tremendous amount of stress helping us forge this.

As funny enough, during this interview, I’m missing one of her meetings about the party. I was like, “I’m so sorry. I’ll catch up with you afterward.” A huge shout out to her for putting this together. It’s going to be absolutely incredible. That’s at 8:00 PM on November 1st, 2021. You can find the details on our Twitter as well as Ethereals. Shout out to Rare Pizzas, who are donating some money to help sponsor the event, which is cool. It’s an amazing collaborative event where we’re joining forces and going to have a fun time. I’m definitely looking forward to that.

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JR, we’ve talked about community and the thoughtfulness that’s gone into these characters. I think STRAWBERRY mentioned this Ethereal Enclave. Going back to these characters and properties, what are the characteristics folks need in their 0n1s to survive? How do the character traits and levels fit in? I have some particularly high levels of certain properties of my 0n1s. This is an important question for me personally. I’m excited to hear more about this.

I’m happy to share this as I did help alongside CRYPTOSPACES develop effectively the rarity scores and the traits that go along with each specific cast if you will or type. We have the yokai, bakemono and 0n1, three different tiers of rarity. I have been a lifelong Dungeon master. I’ve played a tremendous number of Dungeons & Dragons. I have almost always been the Dungeon master. Worldbuilding, character design, NPC, interactions, enemies, combat, these are all things that I’ve thought about for maybe the better part of twenty years.

Since I was a small child, I’ve always come up with game mechanics. I was inspired by early video games and have spent countless hours of my life creating concepts, basic games and all the sort. How we solve this NFT space is that it very much can be gamified as we’re seeing. Dungeons & Dragons, we thought that it would be a great experience to add some stats into our NFTs.

I believe JR may have been introduced to the concept of this. We expanded on that by introducing strength, style and spirit. Three core philosophies that we believe that every 0n1 should encompass and these stats will come into play as the NFTs continue to develop. I’ve taken some inspiration from things like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, as well as other video games as we’ve moved through this.

We don’t want to say, “Here are some stats. Figure it out.” However because the NFT space is so new and we are unsure of where it’s going, we’re very much interested in giving you the pieces to start playing the game as we start developing it. Whether it’s an actual game to begin or what it becomes, I see NFTs as more than obviously the images. There is a tremendous number of metadata that goes along with these as well.

With that metadata, without the images, you’re left with a tremendous database of information. All of that information can get called later on and utilized on the blockchain or in Web 2, video games, Metaverse experiences. What we’re hoping to do is provide an off-ramp to building either community-based projects or our own utilizing these stats and concepts.

We’ll have additional future airdrops or claimable NFTs. For example, we airdropped our 0n1 Force ones and everything will tie directly into the original NFTs, whether you’ll find stat boosts or additional powers or other metadata to attach to the NFT to later use in whatever concept we develop. Easily, we can make things like a Discord bot that utilizes these stats. This is something that’s in production now. We’re having a conversation with the developer for our Discord and maybe EM could share a little bit about that.

It doesn’t have to be much but we are thinking about this as a collaborative world and something that ties directly in with our RPG elements. That’s why we’ve added stats and the metadata. All of this information is something that we’ve placed there to help connect everything in the future. With what’s coming, we hope everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

I had a question but I wanted to see if EM wanted to give any details on that?

This will be something that STRAWBERRY can definitely participate in and input. We are interested in seeing if we could extrapolate stats. Our community has also rallied with each other and created a Loot gear-inspired project called 0n1 Gear. In tandem, we could tie in certain elements into our Discord, where we program a bot to pull those API stats and begin to directly say, “You’re 0n1 has this in a very digestible code.”

Where people can engage with each other inside of the Discord and say, “I’m going to throw this 0n1 up, let’s fight,” and you respond with a command that says, “I’ll throw this 0n1 up and you all battle it out. Maybe mathematically, we can begin to calculate well. If STRAWBERRY’s 0n1 has ten strengths and my 0n1 only has seven, according to maybe some at least an algorithm or even an equation that STRAWBERRY has built out, we can say, “So-and-so minus so-and-so equals this, LINK, you lose.”

Eventually, with 0n1 Gear, for example, Joshua to your point, if you’re feeling good about your 0n1, you could level it up and say, “I ended up getting my 0n1 Gear and I have a Katana and that gives me a +1 advantage,” or, “I have immunity.” There’s so much to digest there but it is exciting.

NFT 57 | 0N1 Force

0N1 Force: NFT’s best route to success is to value the voice of your community. To carry the message, not only for you but the projects that you are involved with.


Did Discord know how integrated they’re going to be into NFTs? I don’t think we had time to answer that question. That is definitely fascinating to consider. What I’d love to do here is go to our community a little bit. I don’t think we’ve done this before. We’re going to take a question from Twitter. We got a cool question from Saskatoon Squatch. The question is, what are the team’s thoughts on the differences in the relationship between the traditional artist and their patrons versus an NFT project and its holders? There’s a second part, given that NFTs reside at the nexus of tech and art. Should the value proposition be about more than purely art? Does anybody want to jump in there, JR?

I like to tackle the first part. Before all of this, I was an artist as well. I was a starving artist for about two years where my only income was my artwork. I think the massive difference is the relationships that you do build. I know me personally. I still keep in contact with every single collector, almost every single collector of my NFTs. I see them daily on Twitter. They come into the district court channels and we have this running relationship. I think the reason behind that is we are all experiencing the energy space together at the same time. We’re in this whole new world together. We’re supporting one another together and it’s very much harmonious.

Whereas I feel like in the “old world” or the real world of selling artwork from collector to artist, I think it’s more of a transaction that takes place. It’s, “Here you go. Here’s this artwork that you’re going to hang on your wall. Have a great day.” One thing I did though a little, I used to write thank you notes to my collectors. I sent out literally personal thank you cards. You definitely want to keep those connections going but I do feel that in the NFT space, it’s more about the experience than it is the artwork itself. There are a lot of collectors that have screens hanging in their apartments and houses where they’re showing off these NFTs.

As with our good friend, Shiram, at his place in California, he has both, which are beautiful. He has a gorgeous Crayon Patterson hanging in his house. Next to that, he has a screen where he’s presenting NFTs. It’s a beautiful mix of both but I do think that the old-world way is more a transaction and the new world of NFTs is more an entire experience. If you’d like to repeat the second part of the question, I’ll hand that off to anyone else on the team as well.

You touched upon it but the question was, given that NFTs reside at the nexus of tech and art, it’s like incorporating that we can incorporate the tech. Is there an obligation that the value proposition be more than pure art? That’s the gist of it.

I’m happy to jump in a little bit. I think that one of the greatest and most amazing aspects of the NFT world and NFT art is the fact that the community does get to interact with the creators. Traditionally, we’ve seen in the art world that art does not become valuable until they’re dead. I don’t want to die before my art becomes valuable in any way. I very much enjoy the aspect of art to the community, where I too have traditionally been an artist-creator myself, pre-NFT space. I effectively gave everything away for free. Whether it’s been on social media or gifts or creating and sharing the experience with others, finding value in creating that around myself or things that I’ve been working on has been very challenging.

With that said, we’re inherently giving the community a bit more than you would expect from your traditional artists, where you would go to a gallery. You say, “I like this piece of artwork,” and you would buy it. There’s no instance where you’re having a conversation with Daleed and he’s telling you that you’re going to make it. This is not what has happened in the past. This is a unique experience. With the proposition of whether or not NFTs shouldn’t be more than art, they inherently are because they reside in this world of tech art.

The tech is as much as the art is. With that said, there is a tremendous number of creative solutions to tie the artwork in to the community, Web 3.0 space and creating more value around that. I think, though, that the greatest asset beyond the art and the tech is the community itself. They truly drive what the project is how the feelings around it. With that, I think that the value proposition is that now artists can create this social dynamic around themselves and then offer value, whether it’s content, additional artwork, conversation or personal interaction. These are all incredible things that, for the first time as an artist, I’m able to express and enjoy.

It’s amazing what you’re doing and communicated to a ton of amazing things coming but can you give us some specifics on what’s next? What should we be getting excited about?

I think, first and foremost, we should definitely be excited about NFT.NYC. This is a huge angle and view on the NFT space. We’re effectively taking over New York City, the world’s global city. A tremendous amount of attention will be put into this space and that is something that we hope that everyone can come and join us for it because we’ll be there. Additionally, I want to highlight some exciting news. We have been working with a gentleman named David Eastland. His father is the executive producer of all of the Batman films ever created. He’s owned the IP since, I believe, the early ‘80s, late ‘70s, during the era of Pajama Batman, where people simply couldn’t conceptualize something a little bit darker as we saw with the original Michael Keaton Batman.

With that said, we have been invited to go to Comic-Con 2021 in San Diego and Los Angeles. We’ll be featured on a panel there and in a gallery and an evening event centered around NFTs. The event in itself will be more or less an ABCs on NFTs and introducing the comic world to NFTs 0n1 Force, which ties directly into our roadmap where we are creating a comic book. This is being illustrated by Pro Magnus and collaboratively with Josh Blaylock as well as our team. We’re super excited to announce this and show off all of the amazing artwork and things we have been working on.

We have a lot of side quests where they’re not necessarily on the roadmap but stuff that has relationships that have been built that have been placed in front of us. We’re like, “We’ll do this. We’ll do that.” We can’t say anything and it kills me that we can’t but we have several side quests that could be main plot stories, to be entirely honest, of how massive some of these cool things are. STRAWBERRY is a man of wisdom. He said, “We have all the cards in our hands. It’s when we’re going to play them.” That’s what it comes down to.

We tell the community that the NFT space moves at 1 million miles per hour. We know this but the real world with NDAs. I can’t believe I’m saying this but working only Monday through Friday, not working on Saturdays and Sundays, it’s crazy to me. These things take time and we have a lot of side quests that are in the works. We’re excited to share with everyone.

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I wanted to comment on most of what we’re presented with. Even though initially we had a set vision of let’s highlight like these core things for us to have attainable accomplished. We would like to see these things brought to fruition. With the growth of everything, it’s so nice to be able to, at least with a side quest. We inherently see some value in some capacity for a reason, whether that be to finally be able to access the percentage of people who don’t know about NFTs still. I always advocate that this NFT space is a privilege.

I think that there is a very small microcosm of individuals that there is a pool of people holding these projects and that’s about it. Essentially these quests, if you will, I feel like we’re expanding outside of that. That’s an important thing to highlight. It’s initially going to at least give attention to more invisibility, an audience that might not know about this technology and what it can offer. I had to sprinkle that in because I’m super excited about inviting more of a different type of demographic to play.

To piggyback off of that quickly, that is effective. I think an underlying goal of ours, while we obviously want to bring highlight to 0n1 Force, inherently interacting with the space as LINK said. It brings eyes to NFTs, in general, and other projects. We’re here to support other projects and things that we love as well. What is amazing about the NFT space is that it’s not a matter of competition between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. It’s a matter of how we can make Coca-Cola and Pepsi taste better together.

These are the core philosophies that I’ve come into the NFT space and realized obviously the collaborative portion. One of the questions that I get asked consistently in real life is how did this happen? How do you build something like this? A lot of it was very serendipitous. We did put in a tremendous amount of work at the beginning. We have the ability to express not just 0n1 Force but NFTs to the world. Our conversations are centered around a lot of that as well because we love other projects too.

It’s certainly not by accident. I think when you hear all of you speak about this, a lot of the core tenets of a great business are there. Customer service, community marketing, building a narrative, all those elements are there. I think you set yourself up for success more than anything. It’s so great to hear about 0n1 Force and everything that you’re doing.

We want to shift gears a little bit now and get your personal perspectives on a few questions. It’s a section that we call Edge Quick Hitters. It’s a fun and quick way to get to know you a little better. We have ten total questions and we’re looking for a short, single word or few-word responses. We’ll go and ask one person per question and all this guide us through the ten questions. We’ll work our way through the team. We’ll take it from there. We’ll start with question one. This will be for you, STRAWBERRY. What is the first thing you remember ever purchasing in your life?

I remember maybe it had to have been like ‘92, ‘93, ‘94. I’m not sure. I was young, maybe 7 or 8 years old. My brother was maybe like 5 or 6. We had saved up our collective Christmas money and our grandfather had given us and purchased a Super Nintendo. That was probably one of the very first memories that I have of going to the store, giving my mom my money and she’s like, “Do you want to spend all your money on this?” My brother’s like, “Spend my money, take it.” That change the outcome of my life in so many ways. We spent summers playing together.

Question number two, JR, for you, what is the first thing you remember ever selling in your life?

This is going to sound funny. I was probably young too. I used to try to sell artwork when I was in middle school. The way I came about this was Dragon Ball Z is what got me into art in general. Dragon Ball Z was the first thing. I’m like, “I love art. I love this.” I had a crush on a girl named Rebecca, who also loves Dragon Ball Z. I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea but I was like, “I drew this awesome Dragon Ball Z picture. You can buy it from me if you want to buy my Dragon Ball Z picture.”

That was me trying to flirt with her but she bought it. I don’t know how much it was for but I was selling her a Dragon Ball Z pictures that I did. I started to take Dragon Ball Z commissions after that. I don’t think it lasted very long. It might’ve lasted 3 or 4 days but that was the first time I’ve even sold art that I can remember, which was funny.

It’s a lasting impact for sure. Question number three, EM, for you, what is the most recent thing you purchased?

This is exciting. I believe in 0n1 Force wholeheartedly. My heart is in this project. I bought my forever 0n1 and transparently because we know the blockchain is very transparent with everything. I feel confident in saying that my forever 0n1 is 7300. It has a Hannya Mask and is the equivalent of a new Kia Sorento. I decided to invest in this 0n1. It is like literally me. The trait on it was a trait that IMCMPLX highlighted. It has a Yoni trait, which Yoni is a sacred term. I do Yoni art.

NFT 57 | 0N1 Force

0N1 Force: There weren’t many female-oriented projects at the time of release. IMCMPLX really wanted to make sure that these characters had an androgynous look and feel to them. Male or female, it doesn’t matter.


Basically, it advocates for women. Yoni is something that you all can look up later but it has everything that exhibits, which I had been eyeing. I was like, “I’m going to bite the bullet because this is me.” I believe in what we’re doing so much. Whenever I transacted everything, my palms were sweating and the adrenaline was kicking in. I was like, “Is this what it feels like to be an NFT addict?” This is it.

Question number four, STRAWBERRY, for you. What is the latest thing you’ve sold?

I was brought into the Doodles community. I was offered a white list on their project. I think it’s fantastic. It’s super cute. It’s all about like cutesy. I love the Cool Cats. That’s another NFT project that I enjoy. However, I was brought into the Doodles white list. I sold a couple to make up for the difference but I kept my two forever Doodles, which I bought with a ton. That was a nice little interaction with some NFT sales where I am traditionally terrible at it. I’m not an NFT investor. I’m a creator and much of my life. I buy at the top. This was the first time I’ve had an opportunity to take something that I didn’t create and have that experience flipping NFTs, if you will, for the sheer enjoyment and the experience because I’ve always bought at the top.

Question five, JR, for you. What is your most prized possession?

It’s funny that you asked that. My most prized possession, I’m not even wearing it, is a necklace my baby sister got me. She’s not a baby. She’s in college now. It is a necklace that says, “Keep Pushing On It.” There’s a deep sentiment behind it. She bought it at, if you remember, like the Christmas fairs that used to have in high school, middle school where they’d have books and all this other stuff. It’s probably about $5.

People always like, whenever they see it, it’s like the shiny necklace with a little lightning bolt on it too. They’re like, “That’s a nice necklace. It’s expensive.” I’m like, “Nope.” It’s probably like $5 but the fact that it holds sentiment because she was thinking about me. She probably only had about $15 on her and got it for me. I’d say that’s definitely one of my top 2 or 3 most prized possessions for sure.

Question six, EM, for you. If you could buy anything in the world, digital, physical, service and experience that’s for sale, what would that be?

Without a doubt, I’m Central American. My father is a Guatemalan. We are coffee addicts. I will 100% be buying land for my family. Some of my family members also are in the coffee industry. I know where I’m going. I know where I’m retiring. My mother is from Salvador as well. We know the cryptocurrency laws over there. It seems like, “I’m going to Central America. I’m opening up a coffee farm.”

Question seven, STRAWBERRY, for you. If you could pass on one of your personality traits to the next generation, what would it be?

Perhaps maybe my neurodiversity or my obsession. While these could be considered shortcomings in a way, my obsession is what has gotten me to this point in my life. I’ve found things that I’ve loved throughout my life and have put myself into them wholeheartedly. I think that paired with my drive to accomplish and get things done as effectively as possible. I think that’s something I would like to pass on my critical thinking in a loose term.

Question eight, JR, for you. On the flip side of this, if you could eliminate one of your personality traits from the next generation, what would that be?

It’s anxiety. A lot of people know that I’m a very anxious person. On the outskirts, I’m always like, “Positive, positive,” but I deal with a lot of stress and anxiety. I let that get to me. It’s hard to follow my own advice. When people come to me with that, I’m like, “Trust the process. It’s going to get you to where you need to be. It’s going to be hard work. It’s going to suck but trust the process. Let it be. Go with the flow.” Like Bruce Lee said, “Be like water.” I need to be more like water. If I could not pass on a trait, it would be to get rid of anxiety, stress and trust the process.

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You mean both, brother. It’s much easier to share that advice with others.

They always say, “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” which is great advice but I’m always longing for, “Could we have the fear not come up in the first place?”

Do the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. I like that one too.

I appreciate the insights around it. Question number nine, EM, for you. It’s a little bit easier. What did you do before joining us on the show?

I stretched. I was in Discord with our family, the 0n1 family. That’s what it is. I absolutely love spending time with them, learning about them and hearing how we can be better at certain things. I was into Discord.

It’s not a surprise there. I appreciate it. Question ten, last one, STRAWBERRY, for you, sir. What are you going to do next after the show?

I keep my days full. I like to do as much as I can get done in any given time period. Now, I’ve been focused on making sure that our merch has moved forward. We’re working with another company and they are helping make sure that everything is coordinated. Our designs are correct and that we can have that available for the community soon. That is something that I’m focused on driving forward as well as interacting with the community on the Discord and working on some of the mechanics for our future NFTs.

Keep an eye out for that merch drop. I’m pumped about that. I keep hearing about it. I heard about it since day one. Let’s go. Thanks so much, guys, for playing with us here a little quick hit or action. I appreciate it. It’s lots of fun. I think we have some hot topics to dive into and a special one for now. I think we should head over there. What do you think?

I have the pleasure of producing some of the mixes and matches here. I thought this was a great combination. I think you guys will love this dope project.

For our featured hot topic, let’s bring them on. We’ve got a couple of extra guests here. We’re going to talk about Dope One drop. We’ve got Scotty and Just Chilly. Scotty is a co-creator of Dope-1. He has been advising a number of Tier 1 artists, entertainment companies, event and festival organizers around the world, specifically exploring ways to integrate their ecosystem into the blockchain space. He’s a diehard hip-hop fan. He loves EDM.

Scotty has been in the blockchain space for years, building up from all of that. He has accumulated a pretty Dope network from the best of both worlds. Just Chilly or June is an LA-based artist who’s worked at high-profile studios, such as Disney, Riot Games, Blizzard and Blur. We want to dive in and chat with you about what you’re cooking up but first, an official welcome to the show.

Welcome, guys.

NFT 57 | 0N1 Force

0N1 Force: Make sure you have a test group to talk about your projects. Get some pointers on anything, because the more eyes you have in your project, the better.


This is a record for most folks on the show in one moment.

It’s great to have you guys in the mix. We love to know what the backstory is behind the project? How did you all come together? What were the inspirations for everything that you’re doing?

First of all, thanks for having us. Thanks for tuning in. A little bit of backstory, I had the pleasure to be advising different artists and companies around the world. It’s building up from that. We want to create a pretty cool cultural and lifestyle group powered by NFT and our passion for music. There’s no NFT without some cool artwork. Chilly is a very accomplished artist. He’s a Dope artist. We wouldn’t be able to launch the project without him. A little bit of backstory about Chilly and me, we are ex-classmates. We met each other in the same fraternity several years ago and that bond has flourished since.

Even though we went on our different professions, we were living half-world right apart. We’re still able to maintain that friendship and cross paths again. With that, there’s an incredible opportunity for us to rebuild this type of community in a similar fashion where different people from different parts of the world are able to build the same bond that we have, collaborate and creatively in an environment that we have built. I’ll let Chilly introduce himself and talk a little bit about the backstory too if there’s anything.

I remember Scotty approached me with the project. I didn’t know too much about the whole NFT space and stuff but he was explaining it to me, showing me examples and talking about the vision he wanted. I’m always about being creative ever since I was growing up. I started getting a bunch of ideas and was excited about the prospect of it.

Why don’t we jump in there to that question? What is the vision?

I can talk a little bit and feel free to add in. We want this community to be very collaborative, first of all, so that we can all work together creatively. Ultimately, make something cool for the world online, offline, as I was telling Chilly what NFTs are. The vision is way not to be online but as much as in real life. We want this project to be showcased and represented around the world. Whenever that we do, that comes out of it. Ultimately, we want this to be a unique society that’s online and offline in the real world. That’s our vision. Now, we’re looking for more Dope Ones to join the crew.

I want to know what is Dope One going to do as a community? What are the major things on the roadmap, partnerships, marketing, stuff like that?

What we need the most is trying to look for more Dope Ones. In terms of the partnership, we’re closely talking with a lot of potential partnerships, including some of the top 100 DJs that you know in the role. In terms of cool NFT communities, we’re looking for more cool communities to collaborate and hopefully do something cool together, like 0n1 Force. For the audience, if you think you guys deserve to be a part of the elite community and think that you want to be creatives and be cultural leaders, come get to know us. That’s something that we wanted to do. There’s a lot more that we can talk about on the roadmap to which we dive in on.

Anything specific from that roadmap that you wanted to share with the readers?

First of all, these cool street arts are going to be attending some of the exclusive parties and events around the world. We made our first public appearance in a live show in Shanghai. That was cool. There’s going to be a lot more. We’re going to be penetrating different cities so look out for them. Second is, on the roadmap, we’re going to collaborate together to make the first short film for Dope One. Our active community members are going to get their avatars to be featured in a film.

It’s making their skill even more special. As a community, we’re going to work on a soundtrack together, potentially alongside some of the renowned artists, Dope Network, some of the DJs, the hip hop artists we’re talking to. We will continue to enrich the community with more partnership, throwing in more funds and benefits for people. We wanted to be a cool society and this is just the start.

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With this idea of NFT rentals, several projects are popping up there and if you can’t happen to take a jet over to Shanghai, maybe someone can rent your NFT for that party and then give it back to you after?

That’s what we want to do. We are talking to different festival organizers, potentially having this NFT and providing some utility. We’re talking about backstage passes, VIP access to certain areas or things like that. We want this to be pretty cool. It’s like a music-related membership.

You guys mentioned Shanghai and being half a world away. Where are you located exactly? I want to put you guys on the map so our readers know where you’re located.

Chilly is in LA. I’m in Hongkong. We have guys in Ukraine, Canada, Maryland, East Coast, Taiwan, China and everywhere. Some of the DJs that we were talking to, which is a friend of mine, live in Italy. They’re everywhere.

I’ve always been very excited about the potential, especially with the internet, for cross-border collaboration and breaking down a lot of these barriers. It’s beautiful to see it happening. Why did you guys choose Shanghai as a place to operate physically there? What was the thought process?

We had an opportunity. One of my good friends organized all the music festival events. He brings in all the international DJs into China. I was speaking to him. He gave us an opportunity to showcase our skeleton crew on stage and have live appearances. This is an idea brought to us by some of the community members. We grew to 1,200 Discord community members within five days. A lot of these guys are from Russia and Eastern Europe. You can tell our community is truly global now. We’re pretty amazed.

We’ve been on a couple of panels and had various conversations, Scotty. We felt a ton of alignment around core values about the NFT community and the importance of community, connection and collaboration within the space. I’m a huge supporter of that. I think we’ve vibe very much on that wavelength. One of the things that you did was create a free a rarity tool. I was wondering how that plays into everything that you’re doing and your entire roadmap.

On a side project, we’re making an NFT platform, a single portal for all your NFTs that you can do Solana, DRC, BSC, Polygon and all that services are free. Part of the value-add for that platform is we have built a rarity checker for over 100 projects. You have other rarity checkers out there. They are focusing on the top end of the project. They require some payments. We’re offering the services free for the up-and-coming projects. We’re able to integrate our community off theirs into our platform. It’s been successful. We have 100 projects that are connected. They’re bringing the communities over to use a checker on Discord. Check it out. It’s called Dokl.

I heard it’s super quick to get your info in there, free to use. It’s like and some other projects. It takes a minute to get in there. It’ll cost you a smidge, a couple of Eths or something to do it. That’s a nice resource.

I’m excited about what you guys are doing on this show. We’re humbled and honored to have the 0n1 Force leaders or some of them on the show. They’ve been talking about community. The community is the project. It sounds like you guys are attracting an energetic community that enjoys DJs and likes to travel the world. I’m sure there’s a lot of folks out there that are down for that type of community. I think you were going to do a little giveaway for our readers. Can you tell us what you had in mind?

We are giving presale spots away and also three free NFTs specifically through your community. We hope to get a little bit of support and love on Twitter and Discord. That’s it. Hopefully, you guys like our art and try our NFTs.

We’ll see which of our readers enjoy DJs, maybe while they’re playing games or during art or whatever else. We have a diverse reader community. I’m sure some of them will be excited about this. I appreciate that offer that you gave our community.

NFT 57 | 0N1 Force

0N1 Force: NFTs are quite emotional in a lot of ways. They can tie into your personal life. People have shifted from this perception of physical materialism to digital existence.


Thank you for having us. If you guys haven’t checked out the art yet, definitely check out the art. I think Chilly put a lot of time into the artwork. He’s an incredible artist. When I gave him the idea and themes, he brought everything to life.

We’re going to post the art on our YouTube video. We’ll also put some art onto Twitter with the contest so people can see Chilly’s awesome art.

Speaking of that, where else should folks go to learn more about you to see the artwork and become followers of the project?

We would love for you guys to join our Discord for a lot of the latest up-to-date information. Twitter obviously is our information center. Our website is You can find us there but you can find us on Twitter. You’ll see everything there as well.

Looking forward to everything that’s forthcoming, amazing artwork, team and total alignment on ethos. It’s great having you guys on. We appreciate it.

Thank you for having us.

Guys, talk to you soon.

I think we did have another one we wanted to touch on and get feedback on our hot topic.

Which one do you guys want to hit?

I think Eden is an interesting place.

Do we have a headline there or is that just a topic?

It’s the top sentence there.

Eden now represents 52% of the Ethereum blockchain hash power and is supported by some of the largest Ethereum block producers and mining pools in the world, including SparkPool, F2Pool, Nanopool and 2Miners, to name a few. Eden Network protects traders from front running, creates new incentives for block producers following the implementation of the EIP-1559 and redistributes Minor Extractable Value (MEV) in a more equitable way. Let’s chit-chat about Eden here.

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I heard about Eden from a friend, fortunately, a little while back. They reached out to us to tell us a little bit more about what they’re doing and how they’re trying to add value to the ecosystem. I think we all have a love-hate relationship with Ethereum and gas. I’m sure these guys are familiar with those challenges with their drop and all this stuff they’ve done since then. Are you guys familiar with Eden Network as well?

Me, personally, not so much, not as in-depth as you may know.

I’m more of a broad guy than a deep guy with how fast this space goes. The gist is you can stake your Eden tokens to get a priority spot on the network to mint. It’s an alternative way to reduce gas other than acting like a vampire and getting up at 1:00 AM to mint. Shout out to the guys at Eden for doing something to help people with gas wars and on Ethereum, which is a chain we all love.

More than 2,800 stakers have staked tens of millions worth of Eden tokens for MEV protection and priority. Over half a dozen slot tenants have bid and burned over 500,000 worth of Eden for access to premium block space. Staking has been consistently heating up. I’ve heard a buzz about it but I was not as aware of it as Josh is. It’s very interesting to explore.

As long as gas prices are high for the foreseeable future, at least over the next year or so, I think we’re going to see so many different alternatives and people trying out different alternatives and exploring different alternatives to Eth. I think that opportunity will still be there beyond prices coming down on the gas. It’s tough for projects trying to navigate and make decisions around how they’re launching and what the impact is going to be on their community and project. It’s a definitive thing. Once you pull the trigger and you’ve launched, that’s it. You’re committed.

STRAWBERRY, you wanted to say something before we wrap.

I wanted to comment and say that I love the creativity in the space and now being introduced to this and having the opportunity to go through and see what Eden is doing is amazing. I’m looking through their website, jumping on Sushi to see what staking looks like for them. It’s all very exciting to me that all of these ecosystems are being developed with NFTs in mind and the future of the technology. We have been airdropping shoes to are 0N1 Force holders, 0n1 Force ones.

That’s done in Cryptovoxels over the Polygon network. We’ve found that gas is tremendously low on the Polygon network. There’s also some unreliability to it in some aspects as we are effectively gas forcing ourselves, trying to make sure that all of our 0n1 Force folders are repping and looking cool in Cryptovoxels too.

I got to check my wallet after this show.

Make sure if you are an 0n1 Force holder, go to the hidden tab. OpenSea has blocked or hidden Polygon transfers due to some, particularly NSFW NFTs, making their way into some wallets.

That’s something else. Before we wrap, I wanted to check-in. I’ve heard some buzz from some friends who are into a similar project called pizzaDAO, STRAWBERRY. I know that’s been an interesting thing for you. It might even be a slight hot topic something interesting coming up in November 2021. I don’t know if you’re aware of it but can you tell us a little bit about your involvement in pizzaDAO? What that’s meant to you as far as your journey in NFTs?

To keep it brief, I am a founding member of pizzaDAO. I was introduced to NFTs in mid-February 2021 by a gentleman that goes by the name of Snax on Twitter. He had dragged me down the rabbit hole. We found ourselves in a room about nothing where we have the concept, the idea of selling NFT artwork, to try and throw the world’s largest pizza party in respect to Laszlo. This gentleman spent 10,000 Bitcoin on two pizzas from Papa John’s back in 2010, equivalent to $600 million something to that effect. It’s a crazy amount of money for two pizzas. We’ve gone on to effectively Laszlo’d ourselves as we see continue to climb.

At the time, I think Eth was about $1,400. I jumped on the project immediately and became an ingredient artist. All of the toppings on these pizzas are created by artists all around the world. A group of eight people became 3,000 all over the planet and effectively raised about $1.2 million in NFT sales. I took half of that money and bought 42,000 pizzas all around the world on May 22nd, 2021. Truly a remarkable event in my life, the NFT space is something that I’ll carry with me forever.

NFT 57 | 0N1 Force

0N1 Force: Some of the ideas come from the Dope 1 community. A lot of these guys come from around the world like Russia and Eastern Europe. The team is truly a global community right now.


We effectively put pizza all around the globe, from China to Korea to places in Africa where children had never even had pizza before. I woke up in the morning to this video and it brought me to tears, chills to the max. I truly had never anticipated starting a small Clubhouse group, like 0n1 Force, starting a small Clubhouse group that would become a global phenomenon. Now, the reveal for Rare Pizzas is finally coming. The technology behind it is quite advanced. It uses things like chain-link for RNG randomization on the chain. There’s a lot of thought and process behind all of it. I’m super excited about that. We’re effectively trying to make pizza free. We’ll see if we can accomplish that goal. I truly believe it’s possible.

That’s like a world piece of pizza. At least we can get there as a first step. Thanks for the overview. It does sound like there’s something cool coming up in November 2021. I appreciate that on the hot topics.

We could talk forever about this stuff with you. There are many cool subjects and so much alignment. Where should we direct readers that aren’t familiar with 0n1 Force to go to learn more and become part of the community? What’s their best bet?

Definitely go to Check out the website. Version 2 is coming soon with a little bit more information, a clear roadmap, merch, future drops. I’m personally working on that myself. will bring you directly into our community or you can find that on the website or you can find us on Twitter @0n1Force.

Readers, check it out. If you haven’t, you’ll be amazed. I think we’ve reached the outer limit of the show. Thanks for exploring with us. We’ve got space for more adventures on this starship. Invite your friends and recruit some cool strangers that will make this journey also much better. How? Go to iTunes, rate us and say something awesome. Go to to dive further down the rabbit hole.

Want to help co-create Edge of NFT with us? Got guests you want to see in an episode? Questions for hosts or guests? An NFT you’d like us to review? Drop us a line at or tweet at us @EdgeOfNFT to get in the mix. Lastly, be sure to tune in next time for more great NFT content. Thanks, team, for sharing this time with us.

We do again. Thanks for having us.

It’s our pleasure.

Thank you.

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