Nick Rose Of Ethernity - NFTs Featuring Top IP And Brands, Plus Monai - Creating A Universe of AI Art, And More...

||Big Brand Ips: Back then nobody was looking at IP acquisition, everybody wanted to build their own thing. It's better to acquire and license things that have value and transcend them into this digital environment.|Big Brand Ips: A macro trend right now regarding NFTs is that cooler and more unique products will pop up. There are a lot of smart and creative people out there that haven't even gotten involved in the industry yet.|Big Brand Ips: Bruce Lee will always be a legend, whether he is still alive or not. His first collectibles on the blockchain would be sold out in minutes. 10 years from now, you're looking at something really valuable.|Big Brand Ips: Just keep building what you like. There are so many DeFi x NFT applications that have never been built before. Some will work, some won't, but the process is what really gets you excited.||||
February 9, 2022


Big brand IPs never die. This is why Ethernity has decided to focus on acquiring rather than building. They are bringing you big-name brands and IPs in sports, content, collectibles, and technology to the blockchain. Join Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, & Josh Kriger as they talk to Ethernity founder and CEO, Nick Rose. Discover why building brands from scratch isn’t always the best way to start. Sometimes you could just focus on IP acquisitions, things that already have value in the real world but are untouched in the NFT space. Listen in and learn what Ethernity is doing differently. Find out how they plan to evolve in the future of the crypto scene.

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Nick Rose Of Ethernity – NFTs Featuring Top IP And Brands, Plus Monai – Creating A Universe of AI Art, And More…

This is Nick Rose of Ethernity, the platform you can find super-exclusive NFT stuff. I’m here on the show that brings you the most exclusive NFT content you can find. Keep reading. Cheers.

Stay for this episode and find out how Ethernity went deep into the weeds of licensing before anyone else and captured some of the most hard-hitting brand IPs to share as NFTs.

Why does Nick Rose in TikTok go together like FOMO and gas?

Why up-and-coming projects like MONAI WORLD/Universe are a shining example of how creators can translate their imagination into the community? All of this and more on this episode. Enjoy. Remember, NFT LA is coming from March 28 to 31, 2022. It will be an unforgettable experience featuring the crème de la crème in the NFT space. Head on over to to get your tickets as early as possible for the best pricing. If you or someone you know wants to partner with us to co-create this special unforgettable experience, there are still opportunities to get involved but they are also going fast. Please reach out at

This episode features Nick Rose, CEO and Founder of the unicorn blockchain company,, which specializes in producing super rare digital art and collectibles. He is also the Chief Brand Partnerships Officer for That’s a foundation that protects and restores the diversity of life on Earth, with over 15,000 projects worldwide. Nick, this is cool stuff you’re up to. We’re excited to have you here. Thanks for joining us.

Thank you. I’m happy to be here. The Rewild and NFT stuff are cool. We can talk about whatever you want first.

We should give our readers a little more background on you. Tell us about your path to Ethernity and how you come up with the concept.

I’ve been in the blockchain for many years. I bought my first Bitcoin from Liberty back in 2011 a long time ago, out of complete lack, to be honest. Somebody told me about it. I was a 22-year-old great kid in Vegas for the first time. I was like, “I’ll take it out.” That was the first interaction I had with anything related that on the blockchain. I got into Bitcoin. I didn’t take it seriously close to 2013. By early 2014, I looked at my account and it had a pretty significant difference. I was like, “What is going on?”

I got curious about it and the technology. I got interested in it. I went all over the world to conferences, met multiple people, met Vitalik and Adrian, who’s our Vice President on Ethernity. I got very interested in blockchain applications. That’s what I’ve been doing for a long time. I’ve been investing in different projects, equity deals, talking deals, different DeFi applications obligations since 2017. NFT is the latest thing I got interested in and following the crypto banks launched back in 2017. I got very interested in NFTs and that’s how Ethernity came to be. The NFT technology has a lot of very fun applications. Art and collectibles are one of them.

That’s something that we all love about this. There’s a lot of fun too. There’s the technology and hard work but your hard work can pay off because you get to build cool stuff that people can utilize. It engages with all parts of culture, which we appreciate. I want to know about ANFTs. Tell me where that came about and bring us up to speed on this concept of ANFT.

As you can see in the market, a lot of these companies are focusing on brown buildings. A massive example is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. They are CryptoPunks people and companies are building brands from scratch. New brands of people are buying into and either collectibles or some of them have some financial utilities. We wanted to do that but we wanted to start differently. What nobody was doing back then was looking at IP acquisition. Everybody wanted to build their own thing.

NFT 87 | Big Brand IPs

Big Brand Ips: Back then nobody was looking at IP acquisition, everybody wanted to build their own thing. It’s better to acquire and license things that have value and transcend them into this digital environment.


In terms of strategy, instead of building our thing at the start, let’s go acquire and license things that already have value in the real world and transcend them into this digital environment. We went a year full long before we even launched on IP acquisition. When we do deals with Muhammad Ali’s estate, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe with ABG, they’re one of our very early investors. You know the Lionel Messi deal that licensed up with me on, the Shaquille O’Neal we did. We have over 300 licenses. Most of them are exclusive. Some others are not.

We did a deal with Copa América. I don’t know if you know Soccer Fund, probably some of the readers. We’re trying to do something with the World Cup. We are not sure if it’s going to happen yet. Our mission was always to go get bronze in individuals that have actual brand value and transcend them into the blockchain.

We had a fashion company and always saw this digital twin for these interchangeable patches that we did on a company called Canopy. I went to the Licensing Expo. I met with ABG and NFLPA. These were not top-of-mind ideas years ago. Once the bell went off, everyone was intrigued but also very cautious. How did you convince these big brands with prestigious IP to go with you?

Hours of hours. I ended up having a record at some point saying the same thing to every single person. I had to record my voice and play it to them. In the earlier days, even the boom, it was a nightmare to explain all this. We spoke to everyone. You can name any company we have spoken to. We grinded so hard in the first year. The hardest part was to convince them that this is real. Our built structure was very weird. It was like, “We want to try it. We will throw numbers out.” They’ll say, “How can you guys sell that? Who will buy this as a digital limiter?”

We ended up saying, “Don’t worry. They will buy it.” All of our licensing deals in this time of the earlier days looked like that. If we do that and we hit that certain amount, it renews up to three years. We’re in a very advantageous position because the market exploded. Our hard work in bed paid off because we have all this IP that we can monetize for the next couple of years. That’s nothing because these opened the doors. Companies are coming to us.

We get emails daily, “You worked with Lionel Messi, who was the biggest soccer player in the world. We want you to work with this other guy who was equally good or up and coming.” It’s easier. We still have a full-on department that does IP acquisition but we’re more focused on technology and finance sales. I love DeFi, Decentralized Finance. I’ve been working very hard on integrating DeFi into NFTs. That’s my mission. Gaming and DeFi are what I’m working towards. That’s what I spend the most time on because the IP acquisition is flowing pretty well.

You say it with ease but I have been in those conversations with these brands and it’s not easy what you’re able to do there. I could see how you manage your team. Let’s talk about the Utility Token and how it provides value to holders. You’ve been around this space for a long time. You look at this as a web three convergence, where these are all tools in the toolkit. How do you see utility fitting in with your project?

We wanted to have control of our ecosystem so we created that token that we gave to our community and that gives access to specific verticals through our ecosystem. They can get access to things you couldn’t get if you wanted to pay with your credit card. People feel that they belong to a community when they’re all incentivized to own something. We have about 40,000 different wallets that own this token. That’s only on decentralized exchanges. I don’t know about centralized exchanges. It might be way more. It gamifies the experience. If you go on our website and you create an account, you’ll see the number one most popular product. It’s Stone Farming.

What Stone Farming is, the community can get our token and they interact with a smart contract and farm stones. We named them stones because we were huge Marvel fans, all the infinity stones. When you earn those magic stones by staking our utility token, you get to redeem them within our marketplace and that’s means merits. You can buy physical merits of the merits I’m wearing from hats to T-shirts to Ethernity sweaters and all that stuff to actual NFTs.

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We have members who have been farming stones for a month and they were able to redeem the stones for actual NFTs and sell them for Eve or Erin. This is a full-on DeFi application. That’s the first phase of integrating DeFi with NFTs. You have somebody who can stake stones where they’re worth nothing because you can’t trade them peer-to-peer but it is only used to redeem them on the marketplace. The way our licensing works, let’s say we launch an NFT with a money-bucky-out rate, we’ll sell 3 or 4 NFTs on the marketplace. We’ll have one specifically for the stone holders.

This can only be accessed by the stone holders that have to stake and do this whole process. We haven’t priced this NFT. They can price it themselves. There’s a great example with the money bucky out. If somebody bought one super rare one and sold it for 7 ETH. Out of the stake on our utility token and he got to make $7 to $31 for doing completely this DeFi application within our website. That’s number one. We’re building NFT staking, renting and lending. We’ll see about the lending. I’m going to put an asterisk there because of the regulators. I don’t know what’s going to happen with all that stuff but if eventually we’re able to figure it out legal center, NFT lending is on the way.

In the first panels, NFT LA is DeFi gaming is changing the world as we know it. We have folks that we’re friends with, like the guys at decentral games where you can play poker for a living or loan out your NFT and let someone else play poker it. It sounds like you’re all in.

Unless it’s built already. The difference with us is we’ll announce the fundraiser with disclosed. I won’t say the names and who was behind it but that’s brig VCs but we have to do things by the book. I could easily go myself and launch a decentralized website where you can go and give loans to people but we don’t want to do that. We have to do everything by the book. We have legit investors and partners like ABG and others. We were even where to launch this lending protocol. It has to be fully registered and approved.

One of the coolest things to a large degree, the foundation of everything is getting those licensing deals, bringing in these amazing brands and personalities. You have tons of them that you’ve done from Dallas Cowboys to James Dean and other nostalgic figures like Bruce Lee. It’s all very exciting. Tell us more about that relationship between the IP owners and yourself. How do you collaborate? How do you bring that to life in a way that’s exciting for everyone?

I’ll be super honest with you. In the start, I was fully involved in the whole process like the step to step then it’s automated. Our team is about 100 people. We’re a pretty big team. How the whole thing works, let’s say, we’ll do a new deal with a license. They always ask us for an artistic brief, what do we want to do with them? How do we imagine that? We’ve worked in the past with some of some very notable artists from Rutgers University, who are from LA. He’s a great guy. You know Boss Logic. We did a massive thing with him. We’ve done a lot of things with him.

We’ve been working with a lot of notable artists. What do we do is we have our director who identifies what would match with his license. He’ll pick an artist. We’ll speak to the artists and see if they would like to get involved with that. At the same time, we’ll have our in-house artists who are building full-on wearables and metaphors items like the Dak Prescott jersey that you can. We launched the big pharmacy with Sandbox but now you’re going to go on Sandbox and whoever owns this jersey, you can claim the Voxer latest version and put it on your Sandbox. You can wear the Dak Prescott thing around and hang out. Within a drop, it’s not only artistic staff. There are wearables as well, which is we’re very interested in the wearable side of things.

We present them in what we want to do. They either say, “We like it,” or they don’t. If they don’t, we go with something else. If they approve the creative, we go with it. We strategize in-house and internally on what do we think is going to sell and what will have value in the long-term. That’s very important for us. Our stakeholders are not great. They are okay with 1,200 ETH rate sales, an open sea in about 2,000 ETH on our website because of everything that’s trending in the app. It’s like Bored Ape Yacht Club. Everything is new brands and BFP projects.

They don’t like when I say that but I can’t help it. Most of those products will go to zero and not Bored Ape. I own lots of them. I love the Yuga Labs. You see new brands being created every day, daily, hundreds of them. That reminds me of the ICO of 2017 easily. It’s not going to end up well for the community.

NFT 87 | Big Brand IPs

Big Brand Ips: A macro trend right now regarding NFTs is that cooler and more unique products will pop up. There are a lot of smart and creative people out there that haven’t even gotten involved in the industry yet.


We’re going to do our own thing. We’re going to keep focusing on IP acquisition. Those digital collectibles we’re selling are backed by the actual brand. Either the person is still alive or not. Bruce Lee will always be a legend. The collectibles will be sold out in minutes like his first-ever licensed authenticated collectibles on the blockchain. In my opinion, years from now, you’re looking at something valuable. That’s my opinion. No financial advice. I have to see that all the time. Boss Logic did a triple partnership with Anthony Francisco and other Marvel artists. They looked amazing. I didn’t even have time to buy all of them. I bought 1 of the 3.

We didn’t highlight this. We were talking about it a little bit before acquiring that IP. We have some folks are doing that kind of stuff lately, including Jeff and Josh, who have done it. It’s not as simple. It’s asking for it and negotiating the financial rights. It’s like people have a brand they have to protect and they need to know who they’re giving it to.

A lot of them have acquired a pretty hefty payment up front. Let’s not forget that. We took the risk to put those payments upfront. Go do a deal with Lionel Messi. He’ll tell you, “I want $2 million upfront, whereas I’m not even speaking to you.” You got to be able to do those things and we were able to do it. A lot of these investments were personal. It’s my investment without raising any money.

Did that create some sleepless nights for you, in all honesty?

In my first year, I haven’t slept and then I’ve made it like a ritual to take Sundays off but that’s it. The rest of the days are the same but Sundays are off. Sometimes other days are half. In the start, it was stressful but I used to be a poker player as well. That’s how I got into Bitcoin. I heard it from another poker player. Sometimes taking risks pay based off. I don’t take risks anymore. I take calculated risks and I fully understand the technology. I understand this potential and blockchain’s potential. I’m more than happy to go. Something that looks like a great risk for somebody else might doesn’t look like a great risk to me. Being able to sign Lionel Messi and be the company that’s going to take his collectibles out there, we made our money back in the first hour.

Risk is dependent on the person who’s taking it, what skills and resources they have. For the readers, your computer screen has got Bored Apes all over it. We’re talking about the trends and things that you’ve been in this space for a while. It’s pretty clear. From your perspective, what do you say are the macro trends going on in the NFT industry since before this boom up until what’s going to happen next? I’m sure you know exactly what’s going to happen next.

What is going to happen is we’ll have a little bit of more brand building, more Bored Apes will pop up, more good brands will pop up because there are a lot of smart people and creative people out there that haven’t even gotten involved yet. Buzzer then will pop up. In my opinion, we’ll have massive grass. Everything that didn’t do well will die. All these, not well-funded companies will die. We’ve seen it in crypto happen. We’ve seen it happen before. We’ve seen it on the internet back in the day as well. The good company survived and thrived but the companies that this hype goes away.

The same thing will happen with the NFTs. I’m always telling my friends and family, “Don’t be too heavy on owning too many NFTs, stay liquid and look for opportunities.” Look at the Bored Ape. I’m looking for opportunities with 114 ETH. During Christmas, it was 50. The ETH price was a little bit different as well but still, it needs, I don’t think in dollars anymore. I don’t care. I want to have as much. In crypto, if I have more ETH, I’m winning. I don’t care what the ETH price is. In the long-term, in my opinion, ETH will outperform any S&P and any of all that traditional investing people do. I completely stop investing in any of our other stuff.

We talked about the macro trends overall. What are your thoughts on sort of the EVM compatible chains, Phantom cart, even the non-EVM compatible chains? Let’s talk about Phantom, Cardano, Solana and Avalanche. What are you feeling?

I wish I could be fully honest. I can’t because I represent Ethernity and we have a bunch of deals in a table with a lot of them but I wish I could speak as Nick on the technologies of each one like I can break down every single one.

Have you had heard of Solano? We could talk about Polygon?

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We can talk about Polygon. I love Polygon. It’s one of my investors as well. We’re using and will keep using Polygon. It’s user-friendly, fun, great guys. The whole team is great. They backed us on our equity round as well. I liked Solano as well. We might do something there as well. We’re going cross-chain. That’s a fact for Ethernal Labs. Our company that veteran company is called Ethernal Labs. We are going cross-chain, no matter what. For full disclosure, I’m an investor on Palm. They launched the Damien Hirst NFT.

Matt is coming to NFT LA. We had them on the show.

I’m an investor there and we’re launching another marketplace that’s called Eye Candy. It’s going to be fully art, with no licensed staff. It’s going to be a fully creative decentralized platform where any artists can go and create their art. It’s not an open seed. It’s going to be fully curated. There’s going to be an invite-only. We are launching that and it’s full-on with Palm. We use Palm as well too.

A lot of them are very useful and great but Ethereum is key, in my opinion, and always will be. Let’s see what happens after Ethereum 2.0. I understand and see all the issues with gas fees. I don’t even want to know how much money I spend on gas fees in my lifetime. There are some cool other products. I like Avalance lot as well. Solano is good and they had some issues with a little bit of a couple of outages and all that stuff. I’m sure you are fully aware. In every company, we had banned and out of this on our website as well when we launch. It happens.

I didn’t know the amount of gas I spent in 2021 until the OpenDAO project. I got to claim some tokens, they gave me that number and I was like, “Wow.”

It’s brutal. It’s bad. That’s the only flaw within this ecosystem. Hopefully, it can get fixed. We need another show to discuss more if you want to but hopefully, it can get better. I don’t know if we’re going to get fully solved especially the Ethereum goes to $10,000.

You’ve given us a pretty good glimpse of what’s in store for you. Are there any other partnerships you’re working on that you wanted to give a shout-out? Is there anything else that we should look forward to in 2022?

We are working on a brand deal that if it goes through, is four times bigger than Adidas entering the Metaverse. I say four times because that’s how big are the companies that all the public in the stock market are. Let’s see if it happens. It looks good so far.

There are so many amazing companies in the space. We’ve talked about a ton of them. Where do you look for inspiration? You’re in the trenches, most of the week, all day, every day. Where do you draw inspiration to continue the charge, do great things and innovate?

I’m having fun, to be honest with you. For me, it’s all about having fun and creating things. The industry that years ago I got serious about and everybody thought we were crazy, I’m happy that everybody is jumping into it and you see notable figures buying NFTs, putting them on their Instagram and through their profiles. You see CEOs like Jack Dorsey and other people embracing it like that. You’ve been around back in 2013 and 2014 when there were six crypto tokens on the coin market cap and everybody wasn’t. Nobody’s out to them but my parents wouldn’t understand what I was doing. “Nick, what are you doing for work?” I couldn’t explain.

When you’ve been through that and see all these adoptions, you feel that you’re complete. I’m going to keep building what I like. I have this vision of building the most fun DeFi cross NFT applications. There is a lot of stuff that I’m not telling you in public but you’ll see. We are building a lot of fun stuff that’s never been built before. Some of them will work. Some of them won’t but the process is what’s making me excited and keeping me going on every day.

NFT 87 | Big Brand IPs

Big Brand Ips: Bruce Lee will always be a legend, whether he is still alive or not. His first collectibles on the blockchain would be sold out in minutes. 10 years from now, you’re looking at something really valuable.


You are doing amazing stuff. I remember Tony Hawk Drop or something like that. That was the first time I heard of Ethernity. I was in the middle of an ETH global hack. I was like, “What’s going there?” I used to skateboard a lot as a kid and that spoke to me. What it gets at is the fun that you’re talking about. That’s an amazing part of the space and it’s bringing so many cool people into it. We’ll keep an eye on all of that. Our readers will likely be diving very deep into Ethernity after this conversation. We wanted to take a little bit of a step back and ask you some questions about several topics that give us a little insight into you personally. It’s a section we call Edge Quick Hitters. We go in and ask these questions. We are looking for short, single-word or a few fewer responses but you can feel free to expand if you get the urge. Question number one, what’s the first thing you remember ever purchasing in your life?

Panini stickers. Remember the stickers you will buy? Soccer stickers that you put in an album.

Question number two, what is the first thing you remember ever selling in your life?

It’s an Alcatel phone. It is the first phone I had that auntie bought me. I needed the cash and I sold it to somebody when I was fourteen. I was about thirteen when I had got it.

Question number three, what is the most recent thing you purchased?

I got a paraglider. That’s a physical thing I bought and I got a new desktop as well. I’m glad there’s a thing that you fly around. I’ve been doing this a lot.

How long have you been doing that?

Since I moved here.

Question number four, what is the most recent thing you sold?

I sold the Navy yesterday and I bought a new one.

Do you get some Alpha there that’s selling and buying?

Is this related to the third biggest holder liquidating their DOA? Is that what happened?

I’m not part of that.

Maybe it hasn’t happened yet or you were random timing. I read a story on Twitter, “The third biggest holder Bored Apes was going to liquidate their entire DOA because they were having an internal disagreement and that was going to create some opportunities for a little bit more high-value buying on the market.”

There is a couple of good opportunities out there for Mutants, Apes and a few other things.

Question number five, what is your most prized possession?

Can I say my dog? I love him so much. It sounds weird if I say it’s my possession. He’s my friend. What’s more expensive and price? I’d say my dog for sure.

Question number six, if you could buy anything in the world, digital service and experience that’s for sale, what would that be?

I’d go to Mars if I could go. I don’t think it’s for sale but I’ll do it or go to one of these funny things they’ve been doing. They are going up to space for five minutes and then coming back.

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Mars is coming soon. Ticket’s going to be available soon.

I’m ready for that if that happens.

Question number seven, if you could pass on one of your personality traits to the next generation, what would that be?

I don’t think of those things. To be brutally honest, people don’t like it. People don’t do this very often, especially in LA.

It’s one of those funny things in LA to have. It comes from the entertainment industry where you have very sensitive actors that need their ego strokes. Everybody always wants to say, “That was a great take. It was beautiful. Maybe do one more.” It’s a little over the top.

People aren’t as scared because it’s like, “You are too controversial.” I don’t care at all. I’m saying what I think.

Question number eight, if you could eliminate one of your personality traits from the next generation, what would that be?

It’s living things for later. I multitask a lot so I always leave something for later. I was like, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Usually, things don’t matter. I hope nobody gets offended.

Question number nine, what did you do before joining us on the show?

I was looking at the Apes.

What are you going to do next after the show?

I’m going to keep looking at the Apes. I thought there was a question that says, “What personality trait would you want to be eliminated from the current generation and the next generation?” I wanted to say TikTok but you didn’t ask me that.

NFT 87 | Big Brand IPs

Big Brand Ips: Just keep building what you like. There are so many DeFi x NFT applications that have never been built before. Some will work, some won’t, but the process is what really gets you excited.


You can interpret it however you want but that’s cool. You want to see TikTok eliminated. That’s Edge Quick Hitters. Thanks so much for sharing with us. We appreciate it. We got a deep-dive sponsored hot topic to cover.

These guys reached out and we thought this was pretty interesting. I wanted to give a shout-out to the artists out there that are changing their game as this industry has evolved to create some real utility for the fans of their art, which is great. They’re seeing what’s going on in the gamification overall. What Cyberium has done is quite cool. This is a young artist based in Belgium that had a chance to talk with him. He’s a nice guy. He dropped the 500 mint collection that sold out organically with no Discord, marketing and website. People like art. That’s cool in this space because we always talk about marketing but the art can speak for itself and take an artist to the next level. It’s gone over 228 ETH in volume since then.

What next? He created a story for his second collection. His first collection was called MONAI WORLD. The second collection is called MONAI UNIVERSE. We’re going to go with 1,000 myths and 5 of these will be given away to our readers as a contest. That’s where these traits are built-in. It’s a pretty intricate Sci-Fi story that we’ll share a little bit more with our readers in a blog post. The bottom line is this guy is doing some cool stuff. Shout-out to Cyberium for being at the show with his collection and being a younger guy that is going places in this space. I’m excited to support him, the MONAI WORLD and the MONAI UNIVERSE. I’m curious what your thoughts are as well on his collections and project. Nick, feel free to chime in as well.

I’d love to do a little bit of background research on this, especially because I’m in the trenches building in our Discord community. If it was just that, that’s very impressive but I’m also curious if maybe he had become an integral member of that community too because that does help. Not to say that that’s a necessary component and the art could stand on its legs as well but there’s some incredible, even within the Discord communities of these existing projects, be it like the Bored Apes. We had on Fancy Bears Metaverse. They started their NFT collection, which did quite well but they were Bored Ape holders. They were involved in that community and got community support from people in that community.

The other thing that I want to mention that is cool here is similar to what we’re doing with our Spirits Seeds and Nicole Buffett. She turned the first collection into a mint pass for the next several collections after that. We talked about Bruce Lee and all the different IPs. The cool thing is once you know who your supporters are, you can give them a presence throughout the year. You can show loyalty and surprise them. The fact that all those early collectors have this opportunity to be part of his future story and art is giving utility to art. A lot of artists reach out to us and say, “I have this great art I’m going to turn into NFT.” My question is, “Then what?” She answered that question for her fans. That’s cool.

His art is pretty cool. I’m wondering how is see using AI to generate those. They’re looking great.

Who do we have on? Who is doing all the cool AI art generation? This look is very similar to the stuff that they were doing where pure AI-generated art, not like some simple algorithm that looks derivative. This reminds me of that but it’s that in combination with this Sci-Fi lore that they created this entire background story about the characters in the art, which is fun. There’s something cool about that. It feels authentic, which is why it sold out pretty quickly and he’s got a lot of people interested in it.

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I’m a big fan of AI-generated art. I own bonds of art blogs. I’ve been a fan of the project since day one. I love it. It’s crazy to see what code can create and how cool of lurking art computers can create.

If you’re out there, dive a little deeper, learn a few bullets going on in MONAI WORLD and MONAI UNIVERSE. That’s a wrap for this hot topic.

That’s the bulk of the episode but I want to make sure that everybody knows if they’re not familiar with all this amazing stuff happening at Ethernity, where can folks go to follow all of their progress and amazing stuff? is our website, @EthernityChain on Twitter and @Ethernity on Instagram. We’re trying to get rid of the chain on Twitter soon. That’s where you can find all information on the company. Stay put. We have some stuff coming up. You can find me on Twitter for opinions and on Instagram for jumping mountains and stuff like that. That’s all about it.

We are doing some cool giveaways related to Ethernity as well. It’s super dope stuff. We got Dak Prescott, Metaverse wearable, Luis Suárez, legendary artists, Argentina and these amazing NFTs guys, we’re going to be giving away. This will be shared through our socials as far as what you need to do and a few more details on these amazing and very generous NFTs that we’re going to be giving away here. I’m super excited about that as well. Thanks, Nick, for that generous offer.

Thank you for having me. You are great. I’m happy I met you.

We reached the outer limit for the show. Thanks for exploring with us. We have got space for adventures on this starship. Invite your friends and recruit some cool strangers that will make this journey also much better. How? Go to iTunes, rate us and say something awesome and then go to to dive further down the rabbit hole. Remember, we always invite you to co-create and build with us at Edge of NFT. We are unlocking a whole new way to connect and collaborate with us through our own NFT drops, Spirit Seeds, leading to Living Tree NFTs, which light the way to our event, NFT LA, one of a kind immersive and unforgettable experience at LA live in Los Angeles from March 28 to the 31, 2022. Check it out at and move quickly on early bird tickets as they are selling fast. Lastly, be sure to tune in next time for more great NFT content. Thanks for sharing this time with us.

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