Smart NFTs and the Grand Unification Theory: Non-Fungible Fungible Tokens (NFFT) Explained by VATOM

April 8, 2024

Key Takeaways: 

  • Non-Fungible Fungible Token (NFFT) merges the best of NFTs and fungible tokens, creating a hybrid with enhanced utility and market appeal. It introduces gamification and community engagement into the DeFi space, offering a new dimension of digital interaction.
  • NFFT's blockchain-independent nature solves interoperability challenges, ensuring token consistency across platforms. The standard opens up new possibilities for rewards, gaming, and community building, leveraging the full potential of Web3 technologies.
  • This innovation calls for collective exploration and development, promising to revolutionize the digital asset landscape. 

In this special episode of the Edge of NFT Live podcast at the NFT LA Community Week, Eric Pulier, Founder and CEO of VATOM, shares cutting-edge perspectives on NFTs and blockchain technology. From the potential of non-fungible fungible tokens to the role of humor in token communities, the conversation delves deep into the evolving landscape of digital assets and their impact. 

This show was recorded during the VIP: Venice Innovator Party at the VATOM House during NFT LA 2024 and is co-hosted by Lamina1 and Struck Crypto. Stay tuned for our follow-up episode featuring Casey Halter later this week!

Unveiling the Non-Fungible Fungible Token (NFFT): A New Era in Web3

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3, a groundbreaking innovation has emerged that challenges the traditional boundaries between fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This innovation, known as the Non-Fungible Fungible Token (NFFT), is a paradigm-shifting development in the blockchain ecosystem, blending the characteristics of NFTs and fungible tokens to create a hybrid with unprecedented utility and appeal.

The NFFT concept, introduced by Eric Pulier, builds upon the established standards of ERC20 (fungible tokens) and ERC721 (non-fungible tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain, resulting in the creation of ERC741 - a new token type that energizes fungible token economies and introduces a new era of gamified decentralized finance (DeFi.). This development signifies a monumental leap in the Web3 domain, promising to redefine how digital assets are perceived, utilized, and valued.

Eric’s Reflection and the Evolution of Web3

Reflecting on the inception of NFTs, Pulier reminisced about the early days of programmable non-fungible tokens on blockchains, dubbed "Vatoms." These smart NFTs, designed to focus on engagement, utility, and fun, laid the groundwork for what would eventually evolve into the concept of NFFT. 

As the popularity of programmable NFTs rose, so did its utility geared towards maximizing engagement, and enjoyment. It heralded a new era in the blockchain domain. These smart NFTs served as the foundational stones for the innovative NFFT standard, seamlessly merging the realms of fungible and non-fungible tokens. Pulier's foresight into the tokenization of every digital asset underscored a transformative approach to Web3, emphasizing the significance of gamification and ownership in cultivating vibrant communities and generating unprecedented value. 

Through Pulier's vision, the blockchain ecosystem is poised for a leap towards more interactive, engaging, and valuable digital assets, driving deeper connections within and across communities in the Web3 space.

Launching the NFFT Standard at the Venice Innovator Party at NFT LA Community Week

The NFFT standard, ERC741, represents a blend of fungible and non-fungible qualities, enabling each token to exhibit both attributes simultaneously. This dual nature facilitates seamless interaction across the entire DeFi ecosystem, maintaining compatibility with existing protocols and platforms. The fusion of these token types not only enhances liquidity and market dynamics but also opens up a realm of possibilities for gamification, community rewards, and broader engagement in the digital asset space​. 

One of the most significant implications of NFFT is its potential to revolutionize digital identity and interoperability across blockchains. Pulier highlighted the importance of a single token being independent of specific blockchains, capable of manifesting across multiple chains while maintaining its uniqueness. This breakthrough addresses a critical challenge in the NFT space, ensuring that a token's value and identity are preserved regardless of the blockchain it resides on. 

The standard also allows for infinite gamification possibilities, transforming every digital token into a potential vehicle for engaging and rewarding users in innovative ways. From surprise rewards and exclusive access to puzzles and competitions, NFFT paves the way for a more dynamic and participatory digital economy​​. 

As the Web3 community stands on the brink of this new frontier, the NFFT initiative invites collaboration, creativity, and innovation. This is not merely a technological advancement but a call to action for developers, creators, and enthusiasts to explore the uncharted territories of digital asset interaction and community engagement. The NFFT standard is set to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the blockchain space, heralding a new chapter in the evolution of digital assets and their impact on society. Pioneering the Future of Interoperable Blockchain Assets

In the evolving landscape of blockchain and digital assets, emerges as a pioneering force, driving the future of interoperable blockchain assets. This groundbreaking initiative is set to redefine the boundaries of how digital tokens operate and interact across diverse blockchain environments, thanks to its role in the development and promotion of the Non-Fungible Fungible Token (NFFT) standard.

At its core, is focused on solving one of the most pressing challenges in the blockchain space: ensuring that digital tokens maintain their unique identities and values, regardless of the blockchain on which they reside. This effort is crucial in a world where the splintering of digital assets across multiple blockchains has created barriers to interoperability and limited the potential for broader adoption and innovation.

By allowing a single token to exhibit both fungible and non-fungible characteristics, not only bridges the gap between different types of digital assets but also ensures seamless interaction across the entire DeFi ecosystem. This innovation paves the way for a new era of digital asset engagement, where tokens can freely move and operate across chains without losing their inherent properties or values.

Enchain’s shared vision extends into the realms of gaming, rewards programs, and community engagement. By harnessing the power of NFFT, enables endless possibilities for gamification and interactive experiences, transforming the way communities interact with digital assets. This not only enhances the appeal of blockchain technologies but also fosters a more inclusive and dynamic digital economy. 


In the fast-paced world of blockchain technology, Eric Pulier's visionary approach has led to the creation of the Non-Fungible Fungible Token (NFFT), a revolutionary concept that bridges the gap between NFTs and fungible tokens. By blending the unique engagement and utility of "Vatoms" with the liquidity and interoperability of fungible tokens, the NFFT standard is poised to redefine digital asset interaction. This innovative fusion not only enhances the appeal of digital tokens but also opens up new avenues for gamification, community engagement, and value creation across the Web3 landscape.

The implications of the NFFT standard extend far beyond the current blockchain applications, venturing into realms that could capture the imagination of the tech-curious and beyond. Imagine a world where every digital interaction, from playing online games to participating in loyalty programs, contributes to a dynamic ecosystem where tokens gain value and utility in real-time. This could transform how artists monetize their creations, how gamers trade virtual goods, and even how consumers interact with brands, turning every digital footprint into a potentially valuable asset within an interconnected digital economy.

Want to learn more about Non-Fungible Fungible Token (NFFT) and the ERC741 standard? Check out Eric's Substack!

As one of the highlights of the NFT LA Community Week, the introduction of the NFFT standard showcases the innovative spirit of the Edge of Company team. Sharing this groundbreaking development at the Edge of NFT Podcast underscores our commitment to not just reporting on the evolution of blockchain technology but being at the forefront of its most transformative moments. Through gatherings like the VIP: Venice Innovator Party, (and the upcoming Outer Edge - Riyadh on April 22, 2024) we're excited to offer our listeners a glimpse into the future of digital assets, making complex concepts accessible and engaging for enthusiasts and newcomers alike - because the NFFT standard is more than a technological breakthrough; it's a gateway to a more interactive and value-driven digital world! 

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About our Eric Pulier: 

Eric Pulier is a tech entrepreneur and author who has made significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence as part of FII Institute’s AI Coalition. With a keen insight into the intersection of technology and finance, Pulier has emphasized the impact of large corporations on government policy. He has advocated for a better understanding of the power dynamics at play, particularly in the realm of ETFs and their endorsement by the US government. 

Pulier's work has shed light on the influence of companies like J.P. Morgan in shaping both the financial markets and public policy. Through his writings and public speaking engagements, Pulier has sought to demystify the workings of these powerful entities and their impact on society. 

Want more information on Eric and what he does? Check him out at our sister podcast Edge of AI!

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