Greg Norman Jr. And Michael Simkins Of E11EVEN - The Miami NFT Nightclub, Plus: OliveX Fitness NFT Metaverse, Minecraft Challenges NFT Gamers, And More...

|||Nightclub: Eleven is an extremely powerful number. The reason why we carry that name forward is a lot of those reasons with strong spiritual kind of connections.|Nightclub: Every day we're all learning from each other, iterating, growing, and evolving together and sharing ideas. |Nightclub: Be respectful to yourself and to the people around you.|Nightclub: We're getting into a world now where we're going to have proper use cases of crypto and what it could do in real life where folks could actually start wrapping their heads around.|||
May 6, 2022
NFT Nightclub


There are a lot of advantages of the emerging technology of NFT and cryptocurrency. In this episode, we have Greg Norman Jr. and Michael Simkins of E11EVEN, the NFT nightclub in Miami. They share how they are leveraging cryptocurrency in their business. Using tokens as their gate pass to their exclusive captains’ club and parties is surely the way to go. They believe that crypto and NFT are slowly being adapted and accepted by different institutions. Stay tuned and take a glimpse of the future!

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Greg Norman Jr. And Michael Simkins Of E11EVEN – The Miami NFT Nightclub, Plus: OliveX Fitness NFT Metaverse, Minecraft Challenges NFT Gamers, And More…

This is Greg Norman Jr.

I’m Michael Simkins from E11EVEN, the world’s first NFT nightclub that’s making Miami dance deeper into crypto.

We are here on the show where you can probably dance too. It’s so great. Keep reading.

This episode features Greg Norman Jr. and Michael Simkins, the Founders of E11EVEN, the world’s most exciting non-refundable nightlife. Greg Norman Jr. has worked alongside his father, Greg Norman, in the Greg Norman Company leading business development and investment strategy and operations. He founded Shark Wake Park in 2016 with two locations in South Carolina and Florida. He was the CEO of Jupiter Group in 2021 leading the team to $50 billion in NFT sales and exited in December 2021. Since then, he has been the Cofounder and CEO of Europa Labs.

Michael Simpkins is the CEO of E11EVEN crypto. He went to Brooklyn Law School and is the President of the Lion Development Group. He is the Owner of E11EVEN Partners, E11EVEN Residences and E11EVEN Miami Ultra Club. He is also a board member of Endeavor Miami, Refresh Miami and Miami Beach JCC.

Welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. Thanks for having us.

It’s good to be here.

You guys have done a great job with branding E11EVEN. Whenever I go to Miami, there’s something cool going on at E11EVEN, the NFT and crypto scene every single time. We’re excited to have you guys on the show. We’ll have to get you over to LA and Chicago sometime too where the rest of the world hangs out and maybe doesn’t party quite as hard.

We spend time out there and love it out there. E11EVEN is going to be expanding. You never know.

We want to start always at the beginning and get a little sense of the origin story. You got E11EVEN crushing it down at Miami. We have this idea of the world’s most exciting non-fungible nightlife. What’s the origin story? What drew you to the world of NFTs? How did you get to where you are?

My partners, Marc Roberts, Dennis DeGori and I are big crypto enthusiasts and NFT collectors. We’ve been doing it for some time. The nightclub, E11EVEN, was the first major club to start accepting Bitcoin in the United States. We’ve developed two hotel-condominium properties across the street and those were the first pre-development projects to accept crypto. We did a partnership with FTX so we accept any crypto on their platform. We’ve done over 70 deals with buyers utilizing crypto, representing over $60 million of transactions. Three of those were bought with ApeCoin also.

We were indirect crypto participants through these things. As we saw NFTs evolving from PFP collections to more utility access membership, we said, “We could do something special here with E11EVEN.” On Friday and Saturday night, there’s a 2 to 3-hour line. A membership there has a lot of utility and value. We made a conscious decision to become direct participants in the NFT crypto space to start 11 Captain’s Club. At that point, we knew we had to bring in great Web 3.0 partners. We brought in Horizen Labs, Greg Norman Jr. and a bunch of other folks also.

That’s so cool. The idea of memberships, what they can be and become and how they can be traded and managed over time has changed so drastically with the advent of NFTs. It’s just the beginning because NFT is the first step to bridge the future. It’s not the last step. We know that. That’s a great use case.

I’m sure you guys were thinking about ApeCoin and what else to do with this magical crypto money. At this point, I wouldn’t want to guess how many establishments will accept ApeCoin by the end of 2022.

I’m going to the lake parks. It’s good.

I don’t know if anyone would want to use it. It keeps going up so fast. It’s like everyone will hold it.

That merch is very expensive.

My favorite part about ApeCoin was talking to someone who didn’t know much about NFTs when I told them we hosted NFT LA. I was in a shop outside of LA in Topanga Canyon and this woman said, “I got some crypto.” I was like, “What did you get? Is it Ethereum or Bitcoin?” She said, “I got ApeCoin.” I was like, “That’s interesting. How did you hear about that?” She said, “Oprah.” I still haven’t figured out where exactly Oprah is showing ApeCoin but that’s fascinating.

If that’s not mainstream adoption, I don’t know what it is. Speaking of which, you guys got this great mainstream club and doing all sorts of things to build bridges. For our audience, can you walk us through the details of what E11EVEN is?

E11EVEN is an ultra club. It was founded in 2014 in Downtown Miami. It is typically open 24 hours a day. We are still ramping back up after COVID so we close about 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM but typically, it stays open. It’s a sensory overload, fun location. You could be watching Drake, Travis Scott or Post Malone There are theatrics and Cirque du Soleil things going on. There are amazing lights, beautiful people and great food including our famous chicken tenders over there. It’s a special place. It has become the most profitable and highest-grossing club in the world per square foot.

We talked about high grossing clubs, ApeCoin and Bored Ape Yacht Club, which I don’t know if that’s considered a club and how much they’re going to gross. That leads me to ask you about Captain’s Club. There are some interesting overlaps in themes here. Can you tell me about the 11 Captain’s Club and what makes that unique?

At 11 Captain’s Club, there are going to be 1,111 unique NFTs. Each one will have a different rarity and combinations from 4 to 7 different traits. The utility is standard across the collection. There’s incredible real-life utility at the club and in our ecosystem, we have our hotel that’s being built, condominiums and future clubs in real life. We have a Web 3.0 utility also with a private Discord server. This is going to be an amazing group of individuals that make up the community. We’re excited to expand our community, listen and learn from the community and try to be as authentic and respectful to Web 3.0 as we can.

Eleven it's actually more people's favorite number than any other number. We could do something really special here with 11. Click To Tweet

Where I see the advent of NFT technology going is these access tokens or membership tokens. The first foray of people doing a $69 million sale with digital art and then PFP projects were at the forefront of 2021 but then in 2022, we’ll be able to see the next iterations of the technology to be able to expand out to businesses and where businesses are going to be able to take them. It’s very exciting doing this with Michael and the E11EVEN team because this is at the forefront of this technology way.

I was a founding member of LinksDAO, which is the sale of the NFTs for the push and the eventual purchase of a golf course but that’s down the road. That’s not happening. This is going to be happening here immediately after the sale of the NFT. There’s the world’s greatest ultra-club with the E11EVEN club, E11EVEN hotel and E11EVEN ecosystem coming along with it. I’m excited and honored to be part of this.

I’ve seen the mayor doing his DJ thing in Miami. I’m sure he wants to be a member of this club. I assume he’s very crypto and NFT friendly.

There’s going to be an amazing group. It will be a combination between celebrities, musicians and athletes. There will also be Web 3.0 enthusiasts and business titans. It’s a great mix of people that we could each enjoy being around and learning from each other.

I come from South Florida and spent a lot of time in Miami. I was an undergrad at the University of Miami. Michael has been there his entire life but to see how Miami has grown so much, adopted and embraced crypto and Web 3.0, it is already, in my opinion, the hub of this. To have the political spectrum and the folks around there adopting it, the energy down there is amazing.

It is continuing. There’s no letup in sight. What we’ve imported in 2021 is human capital. We’ve got amazing people that are not at the tail end of their career or retired but in the prime of their career looking to build businesses, hire people, work hard, play hard and enjoy their life. The big lesson over the last couple of years is that people have to enjoy themselves also.

There are not too many better places than Miami to work hard and play hard so we’re doing our piece at E11EVEN to help people obtain those goals. We’ll continue. It is exciting what’s happening in Miami led by a great mayor and amazing stakeholders. It has probably been years in the making of encouraging technology companies to go there, non-profits and all these things that have been in the works. It was so great to see it explode over the last couple of years.

Piggybacking off of community, it’s the centerpiece of so many successful projects. When we think about that, there are the people that are the holders of the NFT, the participants in it and those that are on the other side of it as well. You mentioned a lot of folks that are at the club, whether it’s actors, politicians or so on. What kind of exclusive access will this NFT provide to its holders either to those people or the particular experiences? What’s on the roadmap for that particular piece of the NFT?

Very shortly after mint, E11EVEN is doing a takeover of Resorts World in Las Vegas. Our first 11 Captain’s Club official event is not going to be in Miami. It’s going to be in Las Vegas at a pop-up event where there is exclusive access. It’s going to be a party where there’ll be amazing talent and beautiful people. We’re still figuring out the details. It will be a super-exclusive area within a larger party that will be the Captain’s Club but on a basis, once we get our technology set up and Greg’s company, Europa Labs, is assisting with token-gated access to get into the club, the physical redeemable tokens that could be redeemed for either a ticket, merchandise, vodka are all coming but it’s not going to be in day one. It will be shortly after as we get the technology rolled out over there.

Our real-life community is strong. We built 2 condo towers that sold out in record time for close to $1 billion. It has 900 units almost and it sold out in a matter of months. People resonate with the E11EVEN brand. It’s a way of being and living your best life. It has the, “I won’t judge you so don’t judge me. Let’s have a good time,” vibes.

I was doing a little Googling. I love the number eleven but I’m like, “Why do I love this number?” It has some deep roots in terms of being inspirational, artistic and spiritual. Is that some of what went into the DNA of the brand?

Eleven is an extremely powerful number. It’s located on 11th street in Downtown Miami but the reason why we carry that name forward is a lot of those reasons with the strong spiritual connections. It’s also more people’s favorite number than any other number according to an article I read one time. We are happy to embrace and incorporate it.

Was it a no-brainer to do the drop with 1,111 NFTs or did you consider some other deviation?

It wasn’t a no-brainer. There was a lot of debate and conversation around tokenomics and the number that we did. At one time, we thought we’d do a larger collection in the 10,000 range but figured out that for our community and first project, it was better to have a smaller, tighter group so that we can curate experiences better and deliver more value. That’s what we’re hyper-focused on. We have arrived at 1,111 so it feels so right and good but it wasn’t an easy process to get that.

Making those decisions are always tough. We were thinking about how big we wanted the first NFT LA to be because we wanted to deliver a quality experience. It sounds like that’s what you guys are all about as well. How can our audience join and participate in the club? What are the deets?

We want to deliver a quality experience. The 11 Captain’s Club is not about us. It’s about our community and making sure everyone gets the greatest experience they can. We welcome your audience to check out @11CaptainsClub on Twitter. Join our Twitter. We have a list out there that can help them get access to our NFT. We’re excited.

I’ve been wanting to ask this because clearly, you’re a Miami guy that knows a ton of cool stuff about Miami. We like to treat our audience well. Give us some alpha about Miami. Are there any secret spots that you know about that you don’t share with many people? Are there things that people should do or check out in Miami that are little-known and awesome?

There are so many amazing places in Miami and I love it. I’m born and raised here. I went to college at California Law School and New York but then I went right back to Miami. It’s amazing. I live in Miami Beach but the city of Miami is so exciting. There is all the emergence of these different neighborhoods that are popping up. I enjoy a lot of the cultural destinations. In Calle Ocho and Little Havana, you get this sense of the Cuban culture. If you go to Overtown, you get a sense of Black Florida culture. If you go to Arthur Godfrey on Miami Beach, you get a Jewish culture. All these locations are great entertainment spots but there are these cultural destinations within Miami that sometimes get overlooked that are also cool.

NFT Nightclub

NFT Nightclub: Eleven is an extremely powerful number. The reason why we carry that name forward is a lot of those reasons with strong spiritual kind of connections.


With all the culture comes the food. They have amazing food down there.

Also, boating is the greatest in Miami. Greg could tell you about the wakeboarding down here in South Florida but boating is world-class here as well.

I want to know what’s next in your guys’ roadmap before we end this segment with the next couple of questions. What’s next on your roadmap that you can share that you might not have said yet?

What we’re working hard on is partnerships, working with other Miami institutions, broadening our reach and getting our community more access to some of these other in-demand locations. Our focus at the moment is expanding partnerships but we’re working with Horizen Labs, the firm that helped Hugo with their ApeCoin and the metaverse. There are a lot of other things being discussed. We have exciting ideas. There is nothing concrete but we are ready to roll up our sleeves and work for the next years on this and do some amazing things.

That and Animoca’s team is something special. They’re investors in our company as well. They’re big inspirations to us. Speaking of inspirations, where else are you guys drawing inspiration for your ideas and the next steps in this amazing venture?

We are looking into a lot of it in real-life success. Greg alluded to LinksDAO and a lot of stuff Gary Vee is doing with Flyfish Club. He has set the high watermark and been an inspiration. We’re observing the way he’s navigating Web 3.0. We’re looking at exciting communities and projects and are hyper-focused on delivering value to our community.

To add to that, without a doubt, Gary Vee with Flyfish Club has set the bar high. We try to hit that with LinksDAO but then there are also other companies and organizations like JPEG Morgan and PROOF Collective and what they’re doing. These tight-knit communities focus on what the possibilities of NFTs are. There’s also Punk #6529, what he’s doing with his OM metaverse and how it will be an open metaverse. These communities are pioneering what’s possible with NFTs.

We’re thinking about every different use case possible out there and then playing around with those use cases with our legal teams to see what is possible and how we can navigate this because it’s uncharted territory. Every day, we’re all learning from each other. We’re iterating, growing, evolving together and sharing ideas, which in my previous life, everything was a walled garden. Here, it’s open communication across the board because we are so new. We all are helping each other out to grow this entire industry.

Is there anything else inspirational for you guys before we cut to the next section?

Miami is inspiring as it is by seeing the growth and the cultural institutions. In Web 3.0, it’s moving so fast. MoonPay is doing an amazing job. They’re of the biggest crypto companies based in Miami that started years ago. They’re inspiring in a lot of ways as well.

We’re about to hit our Edge Quick Hitter segment. That should be fun to get to know you guys a little better.

As a reminder, Edge Quick Hitters is a fun and quick way to get to know you a little better. There are ten questions. We’re looking for a short, single word or fewer responses but feel free to expand if you get the urge.

For the first question, we’ll start with Michael. What is the first thing you remember ever purchasing in your life?

It would be hotcakes and sausage from McDonald’s.

Greg, what about you?

I don’t remember so I’ll give you another answer for NFTs. I purchased a Space Bored Ape, which is a derivative of Bored Ape. A month after they minted, I should have bought the Bored Ape.

Greg, why don’t you take this one? What is the first thing you remember ever selling in your life? You can’t say you don’t remember.

For my first job, I worked in retail. I remember selling my first shirt.

At E11EVEN, we are really a great mix of people that we could each enjoy being around and learn from each other. Click To Tweet

What was it? Was it a polo shirt?

I worked in Hollister. Yellow Card still plays in my head all the time.

What about you, Michael?

I remember selling gift wrapping paper that they used to give you in elementary school and sending you out door-to-door. You would win a prize if you were one of the highest-selling people.

Did you crush it?

I was amazing at it. I did $179 in sales.

That’s a lot of wrapping paper. We learn a lot about the entrepreneurial blood in our guests with that question. It’s a fun one.

For the next question, I’ll go back to you, Michael. What is the most recent thing that you purchased?

The most recent thing that I purchased was a Bored Ape.


They took a little dip so that might not have been a bad decision, especially with this land sale coming up.

Greg, what about you? What’s the most recent thing you purchased?

Peanut butter and banana smoothie.

Back to Michael, what’s the most recent thing you’ve sold?

I sold a boat. I had a boat that I had to sell. It was a good boat. I had it for five years but I’m moving on. It’s amazing that boat prices with inflation and so much demand, I got almost as much as I paid for it.

That is such a rarity in the world of boats.

It’s crazy. It’s an indication.

Boats have fun names. What was the boat’s name?

NFT Nightclub

NFT Nightclub: Every day we’re all learning from each other, iterating, growing, and evolving together and sharing ideas.


That one was called Triple Threat. I have three kids. When I was looking at them, we gave them the triple threat.

Greg, what’s the most recent thing you’ve sold?

It’s my guest room bed. My wife sold it because she is remodeling the guest room.

Let’s go a little bit deeper, Greg. What is your most prized possession?

I got to say my most prized possession is my wife. We got married at the end of 2021 and it has been amazing.

What about you, Michael?

It’s probably my home. We bought it. My wife was involved in designing and building a new home. We fought all the time about it but we made it through. We’re both happy and raising our family here.

Michael, if you could buy anything in the world, digital, physical, service or an experience that is for sale, what would it be?

I had a horrible travel experience in terms of canceling so I’m ready to get a plane.

We have some guys that can help you out that are coming on the show. Your wish is our command. What about you, Greg?

I would buy a surf pool. I love to surf and these amazing new artificial surf pools are coming out. One of them is coming to South Florida soon. I’d be there way too much.

I’m going to ping it back to Greg here. This question is if you could pass on one of your personality traits to the next generation, what would you like them to have?

I would say being respectful to myself and the people around me. I’ve learned from a very young age from my father and mother to always treat people with respect. I would take that on with my kids.

How about you, Michael?

I would say patience. I have the ability to wait and have the conviction that certain things will come about and don’t need instant gratification. I do real estate development in addition to these hospitality and crypto. Developing projects take a long time. To go from a piece of land to a condominium tower is a five-year process.

That’s Jeff’s background too. He spent quite a few years in real estate development in DC. I heard those stories. All the hoops you have to navigate through make Web 3.0 seem easy.

At times but building a community for an NFT project is no small feat either.

Whenever I’m doing something that’s hard and takes a long time like that, I remind myself, “If I’m the only one that can tolerate this, then I’m the only one that can achieve it.” It’s great. Everybody else is giving up. I’ll throw the next question back to you, Michael. If you could eliminate one of your personality traits from the next generation, what would you hold back?

People have to enjoy themselves also. There are not too many better places than Miami to work hard and play hard, so E11EVEN helps people obtain those goals. Click To Tweet

I probably indulge too much in eating on weekends and late nights.

Greg, how about you? If you could eliminate a personality trait from the next generation, what would it be?

I’m somewhat on the same line with Michael. I get too obsessed about one thing and everything gets blocked out. I have to learn over the years to focus and get anything accomplished. If I could golf or surf, I’d be out there on the course or in the water every day.

Greg, what did you do before joining us on the show?

I signed a client for our company, Europa Labs. I’m very excited.

Can you say anything about that at all?

Europa Labs is building NFT infrastructure for redeemable technology. We signed a group that is doing luxury jewelry. Its presale will be done as the NFT and folks will be able to redeem it for luxury jewelry.

The phygital world is an amazing space. I met the crypto jeweler at the WISDOME after-party at NFT LA. It was a fan moment. That guy does beautiful work. There are so many cool things that could be done with custom jewelry and NFTs. That’s exciting. Congrats. What about you, Michael?

I was over at Jordan Belfort’s house, The Wolf of Wall Street, right before this. I was hanging out there with my partner Marc drinking some coconut water and talking about crypto. I looked at my watch and said, “I got to go. I have a very important show I got to get on.”

What are you going to do after the show, Michael?

Major Food Group is opening a new restaurant called Dirty French. They’re the people who’ve brought us Carbone, Sadelle’s and some other fabulous restaurants. I’m going to the opening of their new restaurant in the Brickell area.

What about you, Greg?

I’m going over to my father’s house for dinner and a beer. He got back from London where they’re executing on the first LIV Golf tournament. I don’t know if they all know about LIV but that’s a new global golf tour. He’s launching as a CEO and commissioner. I get to catch up with him about the tour and life and hopefully, convince him to bring on Web 3.0 three to LIV golf.

We should do at least one hot topic. We’re talking about golf. Do we have anything fitness-related we can talk about?

As it stands, we do. The first hot topic is the fitness metaverse. This tech company trades sweat for crypto and NFTs. Move-to-earn is a game-changer. Keith Rumjahn, the Founder and CEO of OliveX said in a video interview that for the first time, players have true digital ownership of their games and game developers also earn more because there’s no middleman. It’s a win to win.

The strategy enables it to tap into the three booming industries by combining physical fitness and mobile video games that incorporate blockchain technology. Maybe if we were talking about this on the show, it all blurs together. My former trainer was asking me, “What are some interesting ways to incorporate blockchain and fitness?” This is one of them.

This is super cool. People have been trying to incorporate blockchain and fitness but NFTs and the metaverse make it a lot more interesting and exciting to engage in, which is what people need to be motivated. We’ve seen STEPN and how incredible that project has been doing. Greg, I’m sure this has been something you’ve been thinking about too. This feels like a fantastic use case. I’m excited about this team.

What’s going on with STEPN and this other company is more iterations of the consumerization of crypto and NFT. We’re getting into a world where we’re going to have proper use cases of crypto and what it could do in real life where folks could start wrapping their heads around rather than DeFi, yielding and farming, which is so foreign to the majority of masses out there. This is something that’s going to bring mass adoption in my opinion.

NFT Nightclub

NFT Nightclub: We’re getting into a world now where we’re going to have proper use cases of crypto and what it could do in real life where folks could actually start wrapping their heads around.


This sounds amazing and there are a lot of people that need to be motivated with fitness. For example, I have to pay my son to do stuff. With this new play to sweat, I don’t have to pay him. He can earn his crypto by working outside. I love this company. We’ve got to get them going. Log them in. I’ll get my NFT on that project.

Look at what’s happening with it. You have the entire market crashing and the two that are going crazy are STEPN and ApeCoin, which has that community focus around it. What we’re going to see with crypto, there’s no other way around it. Community-based, real-life-based and operational cashflow-based businesses are going to adopt this and it’s going to transform the industry.

The ability to have it on the blockchain to have that record keeping is difficult with pre-existing technology. Tying it into dates and times is all there for you. These are exciting use cases that make a lot of sense. People have intrinsic and extrinsic motivations for the things that they do in life and this type of technology plays to both dimensions.

The company’s longer-term aim is to build an ecosystem of fitness games integrated with Animoca Brands’ metaverse title, The Sandbox, a virtual world where players can build, buy and sell their in-game assets as they interact with users and brands. I like the movement to not just metaverse where you put on a headset but also AR in these places where there’s an activity that happens and integrations with the real world in getting out and moving.

Minecraft developers confront gaming giants’ NFT love affair. There’s a dispute over crypto in games that highlights a stark internal divider. Also, the staff is rejecting a studio’s Web 3.0 push over ethical and climate risks. That’s fair. Part of the reason we’re doing our Living Tree NFT project is to highlight the detriment that’s happening to the planet. We want to plant trees and offset carbon. I was hearing about wildfires in California on the radio and the problems that are going on there. Certainly, it’s a very clear and honest criticism.

The thing that I see with people in Web 3.0 or at least that I come across is they are also people that deeply care about the planet. They think that Web 3.0 has more benefits than negatives and there are ways to integrate it. What are your thoughts? How do you confront this stuff? Do you find that you have to handle it daily? What do you think?

If I could take that real quickly, I was at a wedding. I got to sit down and talk with an individual that owns a coal mine. They’re starting to mine Bitcoin from the excess energy they’re producing and that’s offsetting their carbon footprint and producing cashflow for them. It’s going to come down to the free market decision. It’s going to be economically viable for the production of clean energy because you can make money based on Bitcoin mining from it. It’s going to be an advent of good rather than the push of bad that a lot of that is going on.

We’ve been thinking about it for a long time. As real estate investors and developers and having Miami on a great trajectory, my only real concern is rising water and its impact because mine is built on lime rock and it goes through. You can’t just build a seawall. It will come up through there. I think a lot about that. There are a lot of little changes that could have dramatic impacts. I’m encouraged by seeing a lot of projects incorporate more eco, ways of mining and Net Zero in Web 3.0 and crypto. There are always trade-offs in life but when we could do things in a more eco way, even if it costs a little more, it’s our responsibility to do it.

My thing is I’ve never seen an industry more committed to disruptive innovation and solving problems. What’s happened in this industry feels like it could have taken a decade to do what’s been done when you think about it and stack it up together. I’m pretty bullish that these are challenges or stats that the industry is looking at and figuring out what can we do to solve this.

We had Jack O’Holleran from SKALE, an incredible layer one solution that is very environmentally friendly. We got what Tezos is doing there. From a play to earn economy, there has been a shift to play and earn to create longstanding value in a community and relate it to the physical world like the previous discussion that we were having about the metaverse project. I appreciate where these folks are coming at. Let’s use 2022 to prove it and look at these stats again in 2023 because they’ll be quite different.

Who knows? Maybe we could have a clean to earn protocol that comes out You get to earn a yield from picking up, cleaning up or planting trees. There are going to be plenty of entrepreneurs out there who are going to chase after it because of the incentivization behind it.

I had a call with someone that’s working on that.

In place of our typical fan listener shout-out, I’m going to give a shout-out to Carbonfund, our partner in offsetting carbon for both the Living Tree NFT project and the Spirit Seeds project. We had an accounting meeting. We’re about to send them a nicely-sized check to offset 2,400 metric tons of carbon offset. That’s approximately the amount to offset 1 year of consumption for 100 individuals. I’m excited about that and happy to be partnering with them.

I got off the phone with Jared Emmert. He has been such a great connection to have. Without further ado, let’s close out this episode. Make sure we get in here where our audience can go to learn more about you guys and the projects you’re working on. Can you give us some web links or socials to follow?

Visit our website, Our Twitter is @11CaptainsClub. Come on in.

Also, go follow Michael on Twitter. He’s an amazing guy to follow. We need to bump up his follower count though.

I’m growing my followers.

Michael, as part of our contest, we’re going to make following you part of the thing but what’s your Twitter handle?

It’s @MiamiMikey11.

That’s not so bad. If you have a cool PFP, I’m going to follow you.

It’s my Bored Ape with the E11EVEN hats on him.

We got a giveaway too. Let’s tell the audience a little bit about that before we wrap up.

We’ve got five even crypto VIP boxes, which is pretty sweet. What are those boxes?

Inside the box, you have a bottle of E11EVEN Vodka, which is the fastest-growing vodka in Florida. Southern Glazer’s is the biggest distributor with 1,500 accounts. It’s going national in 2022. Kentucky is the next state and California is coming up slowly after that. It’s an exciting brand that we have. You get your bottle of E11EVEN vodka, a money gun, cash and an E11EVEN crypto hat.

That’s pretty fun. Our contests are always interesting. This one stands out. Thanks so much.

You are also going to get a physical redeemable token from Greg Norman’s company, Europa Labs, that could be burned for the box.

When we get the winners, we’ll get their ETH addresses which will get an airdropped token, then it’s up to the user’s discretion whether to hold it, huddle it, trade it or burn it to get the box.

Thank you for a very Web 3.0 contest. We appreciate that. We have reached the outer limit of the episode. Thanks for exploring with us. We’ve got some more adventures on the starship so invite your friends or some cool strangers that will make this journey so much better. Go to Spotify or iTunes. Rate us and say something awesome. Go to to dive further down the rabbit hole. You can also check us out on Discord at and learn a little bit more about our community there. Lastly, be sure to tune in next time for more great NFT content. Thanks for sharing this time with us.


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