DotConnector Presents: 'A Web3 Music Vibe', Takes Over NYC With Penthouse Recording Studios

January 20, 2023


Nik VRSI performing during the inclusive plugin session.

     On Wednesday Jan. 11th 2023, DotConnector along with Penthouse Recording Studios - a world class recording studio in Times Square, curated an intimate and inclusive experience that left a rousing impression on musicians, creatives and entrepreneurs. The private RSVP event invited multi-faceted artists, producers and the Web3 curious to network with like-minded individuals and step into the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem that the music industry must inevitably progress with. Over the last few years blockchain technology has spawned major advancements in current industries, with technological innovations creating plausible solutions for real digital ownership. The creator economy has long been subject to unjust compensation and unfair politics governed by music platforms serving as practical, grandfathered monopolies. With the recent introduction of Web3 technology, the tools provided by NFTs and Crypto provide artists with limitless opportunities for monetization. From providing new avenues for earning royalties to introducing valid and verified digital ownership, this disruptive phenomenon is working its way into various art mediums, industries and professions. Penthouse Recording Studios and DotConnector, the booming NYC-dominant Web3 community, are making history in their music-industry-centric debut titled ‘A Web3 Music Vibe’.

A view of 7th Ave from the Penthouse Rooftop.
Musicians, artists and entrepreneurs network through the night.
Singer, songwriter, producer Shannon M Hurley pouring a Tequila Seltzer.
Goldie Harris of UnitedMasters connecting with artists.

      Producers circled the deck as creators played their tracks and received feedback from the audiences that shuffled between the two studio rooms, hallway and the kitchen. An inclusive, euphoric energy filled the atmosphere while curious wanderers connected over their career aspirations and personal hobbies. Impressive live performances bewildered listeners and birthed beautiful moments of creative empathy. Stimulating conversations flowed on the rooftop over a beautiful cityscape view and rap cyphers kept the crowd rowdy in another room. The luxury Penthouse located at the famed 723 7th Ave address boasted elegant equipment, lighting, and space; their friendly and inviting staff full of producers and talent exuded the definition of ’vibes’. Speeches closed out the night. 

KILLGXXD on an open mic cypher.
Producer KiloHz setting the mood.

      Web3 is disrupting the gatekeepers' targeted-advertising businesses as it is shifting the ownership of consumer data away from them and allowing musicians to take control of said data. It is also allowing musicians to tap into new funding models and enabling fans to connect to artists on a more intricate level. Additionally, smart contracts enabled by blockchain networks like Ethereum and Polygon allow platforms and applications to automatically pay royalties to creators. Web3 is truly creating new ways for artists and fans to connect, collaborate and engage with one another. By utilizing the blockchain and smart contract systems, musicians and other creatives can finally have more control over how they monetize and share their content. Through the creation of digital collectibles, artists can create an emotional attachment between their fans and their work, as well as reward their fans for engaging with their content. Additionally, this technology can help build decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) which could reshape the dynamics of music creation and consumption. By empowering musicians to take control of their music and creating a community around them, this technology can help to ensure that they are fairly compensated for their work.

I.O.D celebrating music with peers.
JuneShine, hard Kombucha.
Divya having a blast on the open floor layout as live rap cyphers light up the studio.
From Left To Right: Freeplay & MSHR SMOKE

      "A Web3 Music Vibe came out of a void I noticed in the web3 event and connectivity space in NYC. There are so many opportunities in NYC for people to connect around digital art, blockchain, dev work but none specifically geared towards web3 music that I was aware of. It’s no secret that community work/art spaces spur creativity, we saw that with EmpireDAO already in web3 and as someone who’s background is in creative producing for film & music I knew the importance of continuing to create spaces like this for artists - especially geared toward music artists if we are going to grow this new sector in the web3 space that has so much opportunity, its gaining traction but still has a way to go until it’s more commonplace.

Smart contracts tech gives ownership, transparency and power back to the artist in a way that isn’t conducive to the way labels currently treat and broker deals with artists. ‘A Web3 Music Vibe’ was only going to come from a community like DotConnector and a business owner bullish on web3 tech line, Jesse Rothman of Penthouse Recording Studios.

I’m excited to see the creativity, projects and new business practices that come out of this event series.”

- Jason Ludman, Founder of DotConnector

From Left to Right: Marlon Colonia, Jason Ludman and KILLGXXD.

     Web3 adoption is blossoming in NYC and creating a lot of opportunities. New York City already has some advantages as a hub for businesses in this ecosystem. A substantial number of innovators and investors –  some of the most notable in the world – are based in the city including a number of accelerators and incubators that support early-stage web3 startups. In a sense, NYC has a responsibility of fostering a strong community that supports the culture. The repercussions of not guiding the technology into the right hands can be devastating as digital rights become a more centralized topic. DotConnector is ensuring we use our resources to propel the space into further advancement, push mass adoption and prevent a dystopian situation, similar to the realities artists experience in Web2.

Ayana, founder of Pink DAO.
Charles Slamowitz, attorney, author and speaker.
Dondr3 tuning into the session.

     The traditional music industry is evolving and the possibility that it could eventually be standard to include NFTs and blockchain in their business models is a likely outcome. We’ve learned from previous Web3 conferences and functions that Blockchain is not just about the interest generated; the valuable utility and potential it has to make a real difference in the current mold of the world is massive.

     “During my tenure in New York City I have been to many networking events, pop ups and showcases in the arts and on the corporate side. We have also hosted all kinds of unique events at Penthouse Recording Studios over the last 13 years. I had more fun and was more impressed by the supporters of this event than any I can remember. The reason for that is an organic movement (which I believe to be global) towards societal autonomy. Web3 is a great reason to bring everyone together, because technology and economics affect all of us; however, this mission is broadly shared across countless industries, demographics and cultures.

This was a curated networking event with an educational commitment to make a deposit into event goers lives rather than ask for a withdrawal. The reason we started Penthouse in the first place was to lower barriers to entry and shed some light on one of the most insidious industries in the world. Most humans share the desire to have more control over their own destiny, whether you're a rapper, cupcake shop owner, social media marketer, or sales rep. for cat sunglasses. The energy was contagious! We had jam sessions in one room, ciphers in another, and people hanging out on the balcony connecting with new ideas.  I am proud of what this event turned into and excited to host round 2!” 

- Jesse Rothman, Owner & Operator of Penthouse Recording Studios

Jamil with her Heavenly Treats NYC Coquito.
From Left To Right: Producer Nick and Jamil.

The Web3 collective expects to make this a continuing series, providing high output artists a spotlight for sharing their work and providing premier networking experiences on a monthly basis. The Penthouse takes pride in indulging its rich music history. They've hosted a plethora of top entertainers in the world since the 1960’s. Penthouse Recording Studios is the last  music building on what was once historic Music Row in Midtown. Penthouse Recording Studios was co-founded by Jesse Rothman in 2016. 

Jesse Rothman, Owner of Penthouse Recording Studios mixing and selecting.
Freeplay premiering a track for Jesse Rothman, owner of Penthouse Recording Studios.

The event was hosted by DotConnector advisory members, Goldie Harris and Alex Alpert. Partners included 24:OURS, Metasill, Satoshi’s Closet, JuneShine and Williamsburg Pizza. DotConnector is an inclusive NYC collective bringing together the finest in art, nightlife and Web3. They are bridging underground culture with mainstream entertainment through innovative and interactive IRL gatherings, galleries and functions.

About The Author:

Joshua Sauceda is a highly-active NJ/NYC based creative director with a focus on progressive photojournalism, documentary, art curation, cinematography, writing and filmmaking. Joshua's recent endeavors include community building, public relations and investing within the web3 space. By telling culturally important stories through media capture and a plethora of other creative solutions, Josh has a goal of empowering motivated creators and entrepreneurs.





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