Koii Lays The Foundation For Far Rewards In The Metaverse

August 19, 2021

If you haven’t already noticed, cool new stuff is emerging at the edge of NFT so fast it’s mind-bending! From the support of an incredible community of forward-thinking early adopters, a universe of NFT possibilities is growing with abandon. It’s so very appropriate to thank and acknowledge everyone who has engaged in and continues to participate in the community of the digital world. One special community member and partner that’s pushing tech forward are Koii, and we’d like to call them out. Koii is an important component of this ever-expanding ecosystem.

Koii has been working to develop the framework for a world where it’s easy to earn a fair reward when others are paying attention to your content. The ability to earn credit for things people look at or consume online (whether or not they officially “like” or “follow” it) is a concept, the development of which has been long overdue–until Koii.

So it’s officially time to start learning about Koii. Now is the best time to get involved, when not everyone knows Koii’s potential, yet at the same time, it’s still accessible to the average individual.

What can you do to get involved with Koii? There are several ways to get more active and start earning well-deserved rewards today. Find out below how to dive in, co-create in this emerging ecosystem, and enjoy knowing that you are co-creating the future.


What is Koii Network

The Koii Network monitors attention on the open internet in order to fairly reward valuable information. Koii Nodes enable developers to create cross-compatible, chain-agnostic decentralized programs in a more efficient, cost-effective, and rewarding manner.

Koii is compatible with a special digital wallet called the “Finnie” wallet. It’s a simple chrome plugin that lives in your browser.

You can easily snap up your own Finnie Wallet today and start minting content with a free granting of valuable Koii tokens: https://koii.me/FinnieWalletEdgeofNFT . When you install Finnie, you can get 5 Koii Tokens and 0.01 AR. Enough to quickly and easily mint a portfolio of your NFT content, which itself can earn you more Koii!

Koii Network takes advantage of persistent storage through the Arweave permaweb to allow the development of Atomic NFTs in which the asset and its content reside in the same on-chain location. By minting or transferring digital works to the platform, the NFT becomes a full asset. This means that NFTs hosted on Koii are not vulnerable to the flaws inherent in existing platforms and marketplaces that have emerged.

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We’ve spoken directly with Koii Founder Al Morris on our podcast and we share with you, the listener, exactly how you can set yourself up for success within the new ecosystem that Koii facilitates. If you get in early, you can get the chance to start earning rewards earlier, establish yourself as a valuable early-stage supporter.

Make sure to listen to the full interview of Al Morris, CEO, and co-founder of Koii Network here on Edge of NFT, and get to know more about why the platform is important. Listen here.

Data and information uploaded and stored to the Koii protocol are always permanent and unchangeable, allowing NFT creators to profit based on the amount of attention paid to their initiatives strengthen the asset characteristics of the network-hosted NFTs even more. Attention incentives through KOII add a new revenue stream to the unlimited and customized transaction emissions enabled by ERC-721.

Early adoption of the Koii protocol by astute and loyal followers has already resulted in open-source technologies that aid in the creation of a more trustworthy repository of human knowledge.

Right now you can get started, support us at Edge of NFT, and show your enthusiastic appreciation to our partner and sponsor, Koii Network by going to this link https://koii.me/FinnieWalletEdgeofNFT. Each user will earn 5 Koii Tokens and 0.01 AR and enter a whole new world of fun and deep value.

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Meet The Finnie Wallet

The Finnie Wallet is the Koii Network’s newest utility, allowing you to produce NFTs in under a minute for less than $0.01 and it only takes approximately 2 minutes to set up. The browser wallet features cool ways that make NFTs and digital art more accessible to a larger audience. For one, the cost of minting Atomic NFTs is incredibly low. Finnie stores your NFTs in Arweave indefinitely and every view of your content gets you Koii Tokens. You can also cross-post your NFTs to popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram (coming soon). Not only that but the team is working on a feature that allows you to own galleries and sell your NFTs directly to collectors with no commission!

Check out this demo of Koi’s Finnie wallet, including instructions on how to create your first NFT within the ecosystem. Koii’s Creative Director, Kayla Kroot will patiently guide you through the Koii experience.



Edge of NFT podcast is thrilled to be part of this opportunity. Koii will encourage innovation, reward more active communities. and promote high-quality content that isn’t locked behind paywalls and unskippable advertisements.


Get Some Koii

Now that you have a Koii-compatible wallet, you’ll need some KOII tokens (and a tiny bit of AR to pay for storage costs). Click on the Finnie extension icon. When you see the dropdown, click the button near the top that says “My Gallery.”

Your (likely empty) gallery will open in a new window. Read the Beta version notes and then click out of the box. If you don’t have KOII, there will be a button in the top right corner of the page that says, “No KOII? Get some.”

This button will take you to the KOII faucet. You’ll skip step #1 (click “Skip ahead”) because you already have the Finnie Wallet.

Then click “Connect Wallet” in the top right corner of the page to visit the faucet.

You will get a pop-up from Finnie asking you to verify the connection to koi.rocks (this is a security feature so apps can’t connect to your wallet without your consent).

Click “Connect” on the first screen (left), then again on the second screen (right). This is an extra confirmation layer so that you know what each app has access to within your wallet. For example, koi.rocks can only see the public addresses of your key.

Once Finnie is connected, click “Tweet to Verify.” This button will prompt a popup from Twitter, confirming your wallet address and that you are a real person. Don’t alter the tweet, as it may cause verification issues.

After you tweet, click “Get KOII.” It may take a few moments for the tokens to appear in your wallet, but don’t worry— KOII and a small amount of AR (for storage fees) are on their way.


The Giveaway!

Together with Koii Network, we are giving away 500 Koii tokens to 1000 winners. You can join the giveaway by going to this link: https://gleam.io/wjgQf/koii-network-x-edge-of-nft-giveaway. All entries are optional, however, completing more items increases your chances of winning.

Not only that, if you are a great artist or just starting out, you can join Koii’s art contest where you will have a chance to showcase your art and receive a stylist (spelling?) pad, Koii tokens, and 5000 USDT to support your passion and continue to create with Koii forever.

Get started, support us at Edge of NFT, and show your enthusiastic appreciation to our partner and sponsor, Koii Network by going to this link https://koii.me/FinnieWalletEdgeofNFT. Each user will earn 5 Koii Tokens and 0.01 AR and enter a whole new world of fun and deep value.

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