How AI Is Changing The World & The Industries Within It

January 13, 2023
Image by Open AI's DALL·E 2

     The advent of Artificial Intelligence has drastically changed the way the world operates. From automating mundane tasks to creating intelligent machines that can think and reason, AI has been able to make groundbreaking contributions in almost every aspect of life. Ranging from creative and marketing to healthcare and finance, AI has revolutionized the way humans interact with technology, paving the way for more complex tasks to be accomplished with greater efficiency and accuracy. It is fundamentally transforming the world as we know it.

Image by Tara Winstead
Image by Kindel Media

     AI is increasingly being used in many industries to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of processes, as well as reduce costs. AI is being leveraged to automate customer service, optimize pricing and inventory management in retail, automate medical diagnoses, and streamline financial operations in banking and insurance. AI can also be used to help identify fraud and enhance cybersecurity. The technology is proving to be an invaluable tool in manufacturing, where it can be used to monitor and optimize production lines, increase the accuracy of quality assurance, and help predict maintenance needs to reduce downtime. AI is also being used to automate and optimize data analysis and decision-making in various industries, helping to improve accuracy and reduce costs. 

     In recent months, digital art has seen a boom in popularity, creating a new demand for tools that can help shape ideas into realities. OPEN AI has introduced a plethora of solutions to these demands and have established themselves as one of the leading developers in AI technology. Amongst many of their projects, DALL·E 2 and ChatGPT are the better known innovations, and for a good reason. DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language using scripts. This invention is extremely helpful for testing concept imagery, artwork, 1/1 collections, graphic design, marketing material and an abundance of other options.

     Their follow up model, ChatGPT is described as “ a model which interacts in a conversational way”.

“The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response.” - Source

     The incredibly young discipline has been around for decades but it has only recently become popular, largely due to advances in technology and the widespread impact of the internet on our lives. It offers the ability to automate tasks, make decisions, interpret data, and provide intelligent support so it is not surprising that it has become so widely adopted. Being as accessible as it is - AI was destined to become a hot topic in modernity. It has also enabled us to develop new applications such as autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, and natural-language processing. As AI continues to evolve, its applications become increasingly vast, revolutionizing many industries and transforming our lives in incredible ways. We can see its potential everywhere.

  Artificial Intelligence is an incredibly important field of study that we should take the time to understand now, before it evolves even further. AI has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past years, and it’s only going to become more and more advanced as time goes on. This technology can have far-reaching implications, and it’s critical to understand its potential impact now, so that we can make sure it’s used responsibly and ethically in the future. We need to be equipped with the knowledge to shape and guide the development of AI, rather than be controlled by it. The implications of AI are immense, and the potential applications are almost limitless.

Image by Tara Winstead


About The Author:

Joshua Sauceda is a highly-active NJ/NYC based creative director with a focus on progressive photojournalism, documentary, art curation, cinematography, writing and filmmaking. Joshua's recent endeavors include community building, public relations and investing within the web3 space. By telling culturally important stories through media capture and a plethora of other creative solutions, Josh has a goal of empowering motivated creators and entrepreneurs.





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